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Kefaya Diab

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Kefaya DiabDr. Kefaya Diab joined the Writing Department in July 2021 as a Postdoctoral Fellow. In her research, Dr. Diab currently works on her monograph “Theorizing a Sense of Agency in the Arab Spring (2010-11), where she theorizes how a sense of capability emerged among Arab revolutionaries from rhetorical ecologies informed by religion and culture in the region. At this time, she is preparing for a documentary film about the Tunisian revolution (2010-11) to film and edit in collaboration with Tunisians who contributed to their revolution. The documentary will offer a counter-narrative to what mainstream Arab and Western media widely circulated during their coverage of the revolution. As a teacher, Dr. Diab embodies a critical pedagogy informed by Paulo Freire (1996) where she challenges her students to analyze problems in the world around them and respond to transform reality into a socially just one. She implements community-based learning and anti-racist labor-based writing approaches adapted by Asao Inoue (2019). For more about her work and portfolio see Kefayadiab.weebly.com


043N Maryland Hall
Writing Department
Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore, Md. 21210
Phone: (410) 617-2304


New Mexico State University (NMSU), Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication
New Mexico State University (NMSU), M.A. in Communication Studies
Al Al-Bait University, B.C.S. in Computer Science

Courses Taught

Writing 100: Effective Writing


  •  “Theorizing the Rise of the Arab Spring through a Sense of Agency.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly (Forthcoming 51.4).
  • Baking It In: Sexual Harassment and Cultural Change in Writing Studies. W.A.C. Clearinghouse. (2020). With Aaron Barlow et al.
  • “Where We Are: A Dialogue and Disciplinary Space.” Composition Studies. (Fall 2019 issue). With Brian Hendrickson et al.
  • “Delivery & Multimedia Composition: Re-claiming Agency in Digital Media for Advocacy and Social Change.” Paideia16. Eds. Mais Al-Kateeb et al. Plymouth, MI: Hayden-McNeil. Print, 2016, (pp. 115-140).
  • “Unleashing Creativity: Filmmaking as a Tool to Teach Culture, Critique, and Almost Anything.” The Fourth Annual Don & Sarrah Kidd Literacy Conference Proceeding, 2013 (pp. 24-28)

    For more information about my teaching, research, and other professional activities, see my CV in PDF.
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