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The New York Times has awarded Greg Howard, a writing alum, the David Carr Fellowship. As part of the fellowship, Greg will be working with The New York Times Magazine. Read more about Greg and the David Carr Fellowship on The New York Times website.

Giuliana Caranante, '15, a Writing-Psychology double major, was one of four 2014 Kolvenbach Summer Research Grant recipients. Loyola established the Kolvenbach Summer Research Grant "to foster and encourage research that strengthens the work of non-profit organizations and agencies working in Baltimore" (Kolvenbach Programs). On Thursday, November 6, 2014, Giuliana presented her work with the York Road Literacy and Employment Initiative during the annual Kolvenbach Luncheon:

Giuliana Caranante Kolvenbach Full Picture

Follow this link to read more about Loyola's Kolvenbach Programs.

2015-2016 Writing Department Student Awards

2016 Graduation Medal: Jean Gillingham

2015-16 First-Year Writing Award

  • Gail Rabasca, First Place
  • Ayana Rhym, Second Place
  • Emily BRuce, Third Place
  • Vincent Protani, Fourth Place

Academy of American Poets Award 2016: Emma Ditzel
Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2017:  Blake Lubinski
Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2018:  Casie Morgan
Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2019:  Charlotte Schreyer

2014-2015 Writing Department Student Awards

2015 Graduation Medal: Emily Shaw

2014-15 First-Year Writing Award

  • McCayla Coyle, First Place
  • Grace Hymel, Second Place
  • Giselle Garnett, Third Place
  • Tyler Van Houten, Fourth Place

Academy of American Poets Award 2015: Samantha Fazekas
Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2016:  Jean Gillingham
Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2017:  Blake Lubinski

2013-2014 Writing Department Student Awards

2014 Graduation Medal: Robin Burns

2013-14 First-Year Writing Award

  • Brittany Brock, First Place
  • Zoe Smallidge, Second Place
  • Mary Glosenger, Third Place
  • Julia Ainsworth, Fourth Place
  • Annemarie Malady, Fifth Place

Academy of American Poets Award 2014: Leya Burns
Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2015:  Giuliana Caranante 
Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2016:  Jean Gillingham   

2012-2013 Writing Department Student Awards

2013 Graduation Medal: Christa Constantine

2012-13 First-Year Writing Award

  • Chandler Zolliecoffer, First Place
  • Katherine Feulner, Second Place
  • Virginia Calistro, Third Place
  • Rachel Christian, Fourth Place (tie)
  • Elizabeth Nachbar, Fourth Place (tie)

2012 American Academy of Poets Award

  • Christy Kontos, First Place
  • Edan Mohr, Honorable Mention

2011-2012 Writing Department Student Awards

2012 Graduation Medal: Lauren Keller

2011-12 First-Year Writing Award

  • Sierra Blackwell , First Place
  • Emily Lanning, Second Place
  • Kathleen Synder, Third Place
  • Patrick C. Dorr, Fourth Place (tie)
  • Meagan Vaux, Fourth Place (tie)

2012 American Academy of Poets Award: Sarah Karpovich

2010-2011 Writing Department Student Awards

2011 Graduation Medal: Kathryn Tracey

2010-11 First-Year Writing Award

  • Corey Wells, First Place
  • Robin Leya Burns, Second Place
  • Kevin Breen, Third Place
  • Peter Hadjokas, Fourth Place
  • Dana Borelli, Fifth Place

2011 American Academy of Poets Award

  • Christian Rees, First Place
  • Catherine Wisniewski, Honorable Mention

2009-2010 Writing Department Student Awards

2010 Graduation Medal: Natasha Hochlowski

2009-10 First-Year Writing Award

  • Victoria Valet, First Place
  • Lauren Hallman, Second Place
  • Valentina Guzzo, Third Place
  • Samantha Garvey, Fourth Place
  • Carolyn Wilson, Fifth Place

2010 American Academy of Poets Award

  • Nicole Ferrari, First Place
  • Nick Mascia, First Place
  • Alexandra Scholldorf, Honorable Mention
  • Jerard Fagerberg, Honorable Mention

2007-2009 Writing Department Student Awards

2009 Graduation Medal: Stephen Albanese

2009 Junior Achievement in Writing

  • Kathryn Tracey

2009 Sophomore Achievement in Writing

  • Letitia Wells

2009 First-Year Writing Award

  • Laura Geron,  First Place
  • Justin Krajeski,  Second Place
  • Thomas Schneider,  Third Place
  • Maria Monalac,  Fourth Place
  • Elizabeth Smolyn,  Fifth Place

2009 Academy of American Poetry Award

  • Donald Vincent, First Place
  • Jerard Fagerberg, First Place
  • Nick Mascia, Honorable Mention
  • Lindsay Rubino, Honorable Mention

2008 Graduation Medal: Lorriane Cuddeback

2008 First-Year Writing Award

  • Remi Formal, First Place
  • Leigh Stambaugh, Second Place
  • Allison Ludica, Third Place
  • Jacob Goodwin, Fourth Place
  • Paul La Plante, Fifth Place

2008 Academy of American Poets Award

  • Matt Rooney, First Place
  • Riana Fields, First Place
  • Leon Malloy, Honorable Mention
  • Ross Lossapio, Honorable Mention

2007 Graduation Medal: Laryssa A. Wirstiuk

2007 Academy of American Poets Award

  • Raina Fields, First Place
  • Edwin Poche, Honorable Mention
  • Chris Varlack, Honorable Mention

2006 Graduation Medal: Thomas Korp

2005 Graduation Medal: Jean Brown

2004 Graduation Medal: Susannah Patrice Wetzel

2003 Graduation Medal: Patricia Ann Callahan

2002 Graduation Medal: Michell Burke and Gemma Bridges

2001 Graduation Medal: Kathryn McHugh

Lucas Southworth

Lucas Southworth

This associate professor of writing encourages students to think of themselves as a community of artists