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2013-2014 Writing Department Students Awards


2014 Graduation Medal: Leya Burns

2014 First-Year Writing Award

  • Brittany Brock, First Place
  • Zoe Smallidge, Second Place
  • Mary Glosenger, Third Place
  • Julia Ainsworth, Fourth Place
  • Annemarie Malady, Fifth Place

Academy of American Poets Award 2014: Leya Burns

Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2015:  Giuliana Caranante  

Outstanding Writing Student Class of 2016:  Jean Gillingham   

2012-2013 Writing Department Student Awards

2012 Graduation Medal: Lauren Keller

2012 First-Year Writing Award

  • Chandler Zolliecoffer, First Place
  • Katherine Feulner, Second Place
  • Virginia Calistro, Third Place
  • Rachel Christian, Fourth Place (tie)
  • Elizabeth Nachbar, Fourth Place (tie)

2012 American Academy of Poets Award

  • Christy Kontos, First Place
  • Edan Mohr, Honorable Mention

2010-2011 Writing Department Student Awards

2011 Graduation Medal: Kathryn Tracey

2011 First-Year Writing Award

  • Corey Wells, First Place
  • Robin Leya Burns, Second Place
  • Kevin Breen, Third Place
  • Peter Hadjokas, Fourth Place
  • Dana Borelli, Fifth Place

2011 American Academy of Poets Award

  • Christian Rees, First Place
  • Catherine Wisniewski, Honorable Mention

2010 Graduation Medal: Natasha Hochlowski

2010 First-Year Writing Award

  • Victoria Valet, First Place
  • Lauren Hallman, Second Place
  • Valentina Guzzo, Third Place
  • Samantha Garvey, Fourth Place
  • Carolyn Wilson, Fifth Place

2010 American Academy of Poets Award

  • Nicole Ferrari, First Place
  • Nick Mascia, First Place
  • Alexandra Scholldorf, Honorable Mention
  • Jerard Fagerberg, Honorable Mention

2007-2009 Writing Department Student Awards

2009 Graduation Medal: Stephen Albanese

2009 Junior Achievement in Writing

  • Kathryn Tracey

2009 Sophomore Achievement in Writing

  • Letitia Wells

2009 First-Year Writing Award

  • Laura Geron,  First Place
  • Justin Krajeski,  Second Place
  • Thomas Schneider,  Third Place
  • Maria Monalac,  Fourth Place
  • Elizabeth Smolyn,  Fifth Place

2009 Academy of American Poetry Award

  • Donald Vincent, First Place
  • Jerard Fagerberg, First Place
  • Nick Mascia, Honorable Mention
  • Lindsay Rubino, Honorable Mention

2008 Graduation Medal: Lorriane Cuddeback

2008 First-Year Writing Award

  • Remi Formal, First Place
  • Leigh Stambaugh, Second Place
  • Allison Ludica, Third Place
  • Jacob Goodwin, Fourth Place
  • Paul La Plante, Fifth Place

2008 Academy of American Poets Award

  • Matt Rooney, First Place
  • Riana Fields, First Place
  • Leon Malloy, Honorable Mention
  • Ross Lossapio, Honorable Mention

2007 Graduation Medal: Laryssa A. Wirstiuk

2007 Academy of American Poets Award

  • Raina Fields, First Place
  • Edwin Poche, Honorable Mention
  • Chris Varlack, Honorable Mention

2006 Graduation Medal: Thomas Korp

2005 Graduation Medal: Jean Brown

2004 Graduation Medal: Susannah Patrice Wetzel

2003 Graduation Medal: Patricia Ann Callahan

2002 Graduation Medal: Michell Burke and Gemma Bridges

2001 Graduation Medal: Kathryn McHugh