Loyola University Maryland

Writing Department

First Year Writing Projects

Loyola students are encouraged to explore personal issues through writing but also to expand their experiences and develop knowledge of the world beyond the self. Exploring the world beyond the self begins during the first semester students arrive at Loyola, and the work presented here illustrates those efforts.

The New Hounds newspaper was written by first year students to welcome new arrivals to campus and to help them adjust to and explore their new home away from home. The newspaper contains information about the campus, university clubs, nutrition, relationships, and the city of Baltimore - information first year students need and enjoy.

For the Tunbridge Newspaper, WR100 students partnered with Tunbridge Charter School on York Road to produce a newsletter geared toward one of their main missions:  reading. After gaining some ideas from their principal, the students created a title and an overall design scheme, then worked to produce a piece that would be inviting for students, parents and teachers.

Beyond Evergreen: Writing Our Way into the City showcases students' work as they explored and wrote about the urban experience in Baltimore and how this identity influences Loyola University Maryland. From the publication we learn that

"The anthology of essays was written by first-year students in WR100 Effective Writing during Loyola's "Year of the City"—the 2006-2007 academic year. These essays were selected by students and faculty in the Department of Writing. The goal of the anthology is to introduce new students—and their parents—to Baltimore and to show readers how Baltimore is an integral part of the Loyola experience."

Beyond Evergreen: Writing Our Way into the City



Siobhan McKenna

With her sights on health care leadership, Siobhan is taking her pre-professional degree and field experience from Loyola to the next level through an accelerated master's in nursing

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