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The Odyssey

As stated by the magazine’s website, “Odyssey is a social content platform that crowdsources ideas from millennial thought leaders in their local communities.” It is a platform focused on socially relevant topics shared across social media platforms. It is the ultimate journalistic experience created by college students with a similar audience in mind. Loyola University Maryland's participation in the publication was initiated during the Summer of 2015. It began with a small team of writers, but has now become a community of students with interests across the disciplines, seeking to generate discourse on topics every college student is interested in. Ultimately, Loyola chapter members seek to expose meaningful truths in order to contribute to a society where these values are truly well lived.

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For more information contact Editor Chris Lopez at cjlopez@loyola.edu.


Siobhan McKenna

With her sights on health care leadership, Siobhan is taking her pre-professional degree and field experience from Loyola to the next level through an accelerated master's in nursing

Biology, Writing