Hometown: East Brunswick, N.J.

Major: Business

Minor: Communication with a specialization in advertising

Everyone Has a Strong Truth

It may be undiscovered or unrecognized, but Loyola may be the perfect place to discover yours. Ask a Loyola student, “What is your strong truth?” and get prepared for the answer… “We have a responsibility to give back.” “Believe in yourself.” “International travel changes everything.” The answers are as different as our students, but they are all full of conviction, determination, and hope. Just ask Evan

Evan’s Strong Truth

“Be the change you want to see.”

As a first-year student, Evan didn’t realize how he would change during college. Now that he’s looking ahead to graduation, however, he can see what a pivotal time this has been—not just in his academic, intellectual education, but in how he has developed as a person.

“Comparing my senior self to my first-year self, I can definitely see how I've grown and matured as both a student and a leader, inside and outside of the classroom,” Evan says.

Along the way he became an Evergreen Orientation Leader. He got involved in Relay for Life. He was nominated as a member of the Green & Grey Society, seven men and seven women from the senior class who are nominated by their peers as students who demonstrate academic excellence and service to Loyola and are then selected by University executives and administrators to serve as advisors. He even took a two-week marketing study tour in Germany, Austria, and Italy.

“Loyola’s rigorous curriculum and Jesuit values have provided me with a well-rounded education, invaluable leadership skills, and a strong sense of who I am,” he says. And he considers what he learned outside the classroom just as essential. “Loyola has helped to teach me how to live a balanced, healthy life in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.”

At Loyola, Evan also realized he could make a specific impact as an Asian-American student.“Growing up, I hardly saw any public figures/politicians/celebrities who were Asian males. At Loyola I got involved in leadership programs, which inspired me to be a role model for others,” he says. “Loyola encourages and motivates students to be the change they want to see.”

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The things in life we work hardest to attain are the ones we appreciate most. At Loyola, you’ll work hard. Really hard. You’ll open yourself up to new ideas and new directions. And you’ll build something incredibly strong: a powerful foundation on which to form a life of meaning, value, and joy.


Throughout your life, you will encounter many difficult questions and choices, both personally and professionally. At Loyola, you’ll build a strong moral compass that will distinguish you throughout your life, enabling you to become the best possible friend, child, parent, colleague, leader, and global citizen.


Happy. That may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think about college life and all of its demands. But come to Loyola’s campus and you’ll feel it: the joyfulness and contagious energy of students who are continuously learning, growing, and doing what they love.


Incredibly demanding and uniquely supportive. A close-knit community that broadens your world. A place where 4,000 diverse undergraduates converge to pursue common goals and achieve their singular ambitions. You’ll feel at home at Loyola, while Loyola prepares you to feel at home in the wider world.