Contact an Admission Counselor

Our admission team can provide you with a wealth of information about Loyola and the application process.

Please feel free to contact the admission counselor in your region with any questions or concerns at 1-800-221-9107, ext. 5012, or locally at the numbers provided below. If you are interested in scheduling a visit, check out our visit page. Inquiries for transfer admission should be directed to Inquiries for international admission should be directed to General inquiries should be directed to

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Transfer, Visiting, and Non-Degree Admission Counselor

Admission Counselors for International Students & U.S. Territories

Location Counselor
International Students Rachel Scholten
U.S. Territories & the Caribbean (including Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands) Rachel Scholten

Admission Counselors for First-Year Students in the U.S.

Location Counselor
Alabama Michael Decker
Alaska Jennifer Louden
Arizona Michael Decker
Arkansas Michael Decker
California Michael Decker
Colorado Michael Decker
Connecticut Andrew Lucibella
Delaware Maureen Dormer
District of Columbia Grant Henry
Florida Joann Wang
Georgia Michael Decker
Hawaii Jennifer Louden
Idaho Michael Decker
Illinois Langston McCatty
Indiana Langston McCatty
Iowa Langston McCatty
Kansas Langston McCatty
Kentucky Michael Decker
Louisiana Michael Decker
Maine Andrew Cevasco
Maryland See Counselors By County
Massachusetts Andrew Lucibella
Michigan Langston McCatty
Minnesota Langston McCatty
Mississippi Michael Decker
Missouri Langston McCatty
Montana Michael Decker
Nebraska Michael Decker
Nevada Michael Decker
New Hampshire Andrew Cevasco
New Jersey See Counselors By County
New Mexico Michael Decker
New York Joann Wang
North Carolina Langston McCatty
North Dakota Michael Decker
Ohio Langston McCatty
Oklahoma Michael Decker
Oregon Michael Decker
Pennsylvania See Counselors By Region
Rhode Island Andrew Lucibella
South Carolina Michael Decker
South Dakota Michael Decker
Tennessee Michael Decker
Texas Michael Decker
Utah Michael Decker
Vermont Andrew Cevasco
Virginia Langston McCatty
Washington Michael Decker
West Virginia Michael Decker
Wisconsin Langston McCatty
Wyoming Michael Decker