Wait List Policy

Each year, the number of qualified applicants to Loyola far exceeds the number of available spaces in the first-year class. As a result, the admission process at Loyola is selective, and class spaces are awarded on a competitive basis. In cases where students who have been admitted choose not to enroll, spaces may become available in the first-year class.

Loyola maintains an active Wait List of qualified students in order to fill spaces that become available. Students are selected for the Wait List on a competitive basis. Loyola is need-aware for admission from the Wait List. The students offered a position on the Wait List at Loyola, while not initially offered a position in the first-year class, are good students and have been determined by the admission committee to have the potential to be successful Loyola students.

Loyola has offered acceptance to Wait List candidates often in the last several years. The University’s overall undergraduate class and housing spaces are limited, and so the admission office offers a conservative number of original acceptance offers at the first-year level to avoid over enrollment. While there is no guarantee, this makes it more likely that first-year space will be available for students on the Wait List.

The situation varies from year to year, and students who elect to remain active on the Wait List are notified regularly about their status. Loyola maintains the active Wait List as long as additional class spaces are likely to be awarded.

Any student selected for the Wait List who chooses to enroll at another institution has the option to reapply to Loyola as transfer student for the following fall term. Wait List students are generally considered good transfer candidates, provided that they continue to perform well at the college level.