A Proud—and Pleased—Parent, Marie Boylan, Parent '14 A Proud—and Pleased—Parent, Marie Boylan, Parent '14

It's never easy for a parent to send a child off to college—especially when the child chooses a school more than 3,000 miles away from home. But for the parents of Katie Freedman, '14, of Mill Valley, Calif., knowing their daughter was headed to Loyola helped ease the anxiety.

"I knew Loyola was going to be a great fit for our Katie, especially upon completion of the Summer Orientation Program," says Marie Boylan, Katie's mother. "She's been so well-supported from the very beginning. She had the most incredible experience in the Alpha program, and the advice her advisor, Dr. Barbara Vann, gave her was so spot-on for who Katie is. Katie actually decided to hold off making a final decision on her major for another semester so she could keep Dr. Vann as her advisor."

Marie and her husband, Jeff Freedman, decided soon after Katie enrolled in Loyola that they wanted to play a part in the future success of the University. In addition to demonstrating their own philanthropic support for Loyola as members of the John Early Society, the two are also members of the Parents Council, serving as ambassadors for the University throughout the rest of the parent community.

"I subscribe fully to the idea that where much is given, much is expected," says Marie, who looks forward to watching her daughter take advantage of the community service, internship, and international study opportunities Loyola makes possible. "I am truly a believer in what the Jesuits are about, with their emphasis on critical thinking and educating the whole person. It speaks to me. The world needs more young people who think nightly about how they lived their day, and how they can live and be their best selves tomorrow."

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