A Message from the President, The Reverend Brian F. Linnane, S.J.

With each passing year I enjoy as Loyola's president, I develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for what sets this University apart, the precise qualities that distinguish us from our peers. As I've come to know our community better, I've come to believe that what we do, better than any other institution, is provide our students with an experience that truly inspires the rest of their lives. It's a strength grounded in our Jesuit history and ideals, made possible today through the dedicated efforts of a talented and committed group of faculty, staff, and administrators.

I have also come to know that this experience would not be possible without you.

Loyola students graduate from this University with a strong sense of which professional path they want to take and the skills and expertise they need to start their journeys. But more importantly, they leave here with profound convictions around not what they want to be—but who they want to be, and how they want to be. Their years at Loyola play an enormous part in determining the way they approach their roles as friends, spouses, parents, and leaders. And every day, I meet another alumnus or alumna whose decisions and actions convince me that our community and our world are better for the parts our alumni play in them.

Loyola is an exceptional University, one achieving new successes and milestones at a remarkable pace. And for this, we are deeply indebted to you. The characteristics that define the Loyola education—rigorous and prestigious academic programs, small classes, first-rate residence halls and athletics facilities, vast study abroad options, wide-ranging community service opportunities—all draw significant, vital support from your generous gifts to the University. Your contributions also play an essential part in sustaining and enhancing our financial aid resources, which are critical in our ability to admit and enroll talented students regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds.

Your enduring generosity to this University is a testament to your belief in Loyola, our students, and their potential to make a positive, lasting impact on the world. In return, we owe you not just our gratitude, but our pledge that we will continue to do all we can to honor your gifts and prove worthy of your support. I encourage you to visit us often, to stay in touch with our news and developments, and to share your insights on how to make Loyola an even stronger academic community than we have already become.

My deepest thanks for all you have done and continue to do for Loyola University Maryland.

God bless you.


The Reverend Brian F. Linnane, S.J.

Donor Lists

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