A Message from Megan Gillick, Vice President for Advancement

This time last year, I was just getting to know the Loyola community, still learning about the powerful ties that connect Loyola alumni, parents, and friends to this University—and to each other. Now, having celebrated my first anniversary as vice president for advancement, I still find myself amazed at the depth of feeling Loyola inspires in our students, our graduates, their parents, our employees, and so many others throughout the Baltimore community and beyond. And with each passing day, I become more and more grateful for the profound generosity that stems from your commitment to Loyola.

Our president, Fr. Brian Linnane, and our Board of Trustees have set forth an ambitious vision for Loyola—that we will be the nation's leading Catholic, comprehensive University. That goal has guided much of our strategic direction and decision making over the past several years, as it will until it is attained. We have already accomplished a great deal in this regard, but there are far more opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, and we cannot face them alone. We need your support to realize our potential fully—your engagement, your creativity, and your generosity.

It gives me great confidence to know that Loyola has such loyal and dedicated ambassadors, giving selflessly of themselves and encouraging others to give on its behalf. Your commitment to this University demonstrates your full embrace of the Jesuit ideals that have guided Loyola since its founding nearly 160 years ago, as well as your belief that the Loyola mission of preparing students to learn, lead, and serve will help create a better world for all of us.

Your support of Loyola has helped sustain us through several years of continued economic challenge throughout the United States and around the world, and I recognize that your support has not been without personal sacrifice. Please know that we are immensely grateful for all you have done and continue to do to ensure the excellence of the Loyola University Maryland experience for our all of our students, today and for many years to come.

Thank you again for the graciousness you continue to show me and all members of our advancement staff, and for your invaluable contributions to our University.

Megan Gillick

Vice President for Advancement

Donor Lists

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