A Message from the President

The Reverend Brian F. Linnane, S.J.

President Linnane

In my role as president of Loyola University Maryland, I get to accept a great deal of congratulations. When we dedicate an expanded and enhanced science facility, when we receive honors for our contributions to the community, when our men's lacrosse team wins the national championship—countless people come up to me to shake my hand.

I'm always grateful, but quick to point out that I have relatively little to do with these accomplishments—that they are the result of the hard work, talent, and commitment of students, faculty, and staff from throughout the University.

And they are the result of your generosity.

None of the milestones, attainments, and characteristics that make Loyola such an extraordinary place to live, work, and learn—the qualities that distinguish us from our peers, and prepare our students to become leaders in our diverse and changing world—would be possible without your help. We have asked more and more of you in recent years as we have navigated a challenging economic environment and an increasingly competitive higher education marketplace, and you have not wavered in your support for this University.

And for this, we are profoundly grateful. I am profoundly grateful. And our students, the young men and women who will leave this University shaped by an intellectual, social, and spiritual experience that will inspire the rest of their lives—they too are profoundly grateful.

My deepest thanks for all you have done and continue to do for Loyola University Maryland.

God bless you.
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The Reverend Brian F. Linnane, S.J.

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