Report of Gifts 2013-2014

Donor Lists

Magis Society

Loyola's most prestigious giving society, the Magis Society recognizes those who, over their lifetime, have committed $1 million or more to Loyola and the Jesuit, Catholic ideals at the core of our institution. Magis Society members demonstrate the spirit of generosity, selflessness, and striving for excellence encompassed within the Ignatian term, Magis.

  • † - Deceased
  • Peter G. and Georgia K. Angelos
  • J. Mark and Ann D. Baiada
  • Bank of America
  • Kenneth F. and Kathleen Boehl
  • George L. and Anne R. Bunting
  • Mary Catherine Bunting
  • John R. and Patricia A. Cochran
  • Constellation Energy Group Inc.
  • Frank W. Cuccia †
  • Ralph A. DeChiaro †
  • David L. and Kathy C. Ferguson
  • James D. and Hollis Forbes
  • France-Merrick Foundation
  • Willard † and Lillian P. Hackerman
  • Rev. Frank R. Haig, S.J.
  • The Hon. Alexander M. Haig † and Patricia F. Haig †
  • I. H. † and Lois S. Hammerman
  • H. Edward and Ellen M. Hanway
  • Gerard E. and Constance H. Holthaus
  • Independent College Fund of Maryland
  • Jesuit Community of Loyola University Maryland
  • Joseph S. Keelty
  • Henry J. Knott, Sr. †
  • Legg Mason Inc.
  • Nicholas B. † and Mary C. Mangione
  • Marion Burk Knott Scholarship Fund
  • The Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Foundation
  • Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Scholarship Funds
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Travelers Insurance
  • The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company