Report of Gifts 2013-2014

Donor Lists

Volunteers - Events Hosts & Parents Council

Event Hosts


  • J. Mark and Ann D. Baiada
  • Shawn K. and Elizabeth A. Baker
  • Gina Sapnar Caldwell
  • Sean P. and Mairead Clifford
  • Kevin J. and Mary Ellen Finnerty
  • Gregory P. and Denise McBride Kelly
  • Denis J. and Suzanne Sheehy Lafreniere
  • Denis P. Linnane and Stephanie Ranzo
  • Michael and Caron Vanaria
  • Robert E. and Alison W. Zsunkan

Parents Council


  • Dr. Roy E. and Traci C. Bands
  • Frank and Patricia Cartolano
  • Thomas F. and Barbara B. Curtin
  • Joseph A. and Melinda T. Del Duca
  • Terence P. and Helene F. Delaney
  • Drs. Anthony and Beth A. Delconte
  • James H. Engel and Dr. Elizabeth M. Burke
  • Robert R. and Carolyn E. Hartel
  • John B. and Deborah Ingersoll
  • Timothy G. and Juliann M. Kelly
  • Angelo and Donna M. Pirozzi
  • K. Jeffrey and Laura J. Pollard
  • Daniel J. and Mary Jo Quirk
  • Salvatore and Linda A. Restivo
  • Thomas M. and Patricia H. Sanders
  • Robert A. and Susan B. Sargent
  • Charles D. and Jamelee M. Seymour
  • Walter S. and Dawn M. Szot
  • Michael and Caron Vanaria
  • James C. and Anne K. Williams
  • James R. and Catherine M. Zambito
  • Robert E. and Alison W. Zsunkan