Loyola University Maryland

Jujitsu Club at Loyola

Written and Practical Exams Information

Test MP3 Video*
Blue (no written test)

Basic Green (no written test) Tun-Ge
Advanced Green Ketsugo Sugata

Purple Dosun
Dosun front
Dosun behind
Sankyu Dun-Gun

Dun-Gun front
Dun-Gun behind





*Video references of each kata may be found in the Maru You Tube Channel.

Directions for Completing Your Written Test

All answers are either on this web site or in your book. That is where I drew the questions from.

  1. When doing your test please re-type the test question.
  2. Type all answers with double spacing.
  3. Answer the question fully using information that pertains to the question. This is a test not a blog. I want to know everything you know about the topic so give me even the smallest details.
  4. I do not care about spelling or punctuation. I only care about the answer. If I can read it, it's good. Once you hit purple belt your test should have depth.    

Extra Hours

If you are working on your exam, you are learning Ju-Jitsu. Be honest and give yourself credit for the time you spent working on it. Fill it in under activity and have a black belt sign it. 

I am very big on honesty and honor. Out of all of your personality traits, your word is what defines you. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Your word is you. It can make or break you.