Loyola University Maryland

Jujitsu Club at Loyola

Cultural Study Choice

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training."

Black belts candidates will pick a cultural study topic to analyze and write a full report to accompany their testing. 

  • Bushido - The traditional military code observed by the samurai warriors.
  • Chado - Chinese tea ceremony, Links, Stash Tea, Japanese tea ceremony Chaji, more about the Tea Ceremony.
  • Kodo - Incense ceremony, Nippon kodo Incense.
  • Bonsai - More links, miniature trees, the bonsai web.
  • Bonkei - Miniature landscapes created trays.
  • Shodo - Calligraphy, more links.
  • Art of Sushi.
  • Yoga - Hindu art of stretching your muscles and your mind, link.
  • Ceramics/Pottery - Japanese pottery making.
  • Kabuki - Japanese drama and theater.
  • Mahjong - History and how to play.
  • Feng Shui - The art of perfect placement and harmony.
  • Haiku - Subtle 17-syllable poems.
  • The History of Ikebana - The oldest anthology of Japanese poetry through flower arranging. From the fifth to the eighty century.
  • Kado - The art of flower arrangement.
  • Kagura - Shinto dance and music.
  • Sensu Logi - Fan folding.
  • Origami - links - Paper cutting and folding Origami page.
  • Sumi-e - Black and white painting drawn using India ink.
  • The Art of War - By Sun Tzu.
  • Buddhanet - Buddhism Information.
  • Seppuku - INFO 1, How and why it was done, and the differences in styles.
  • What is Zen?
  • Uses of Herbs in health and medicine - Index of links, info.
  • What is Chi, Ki, or Qi.
  • Mythology, Folklore, and Legend.
  • Meditation - Other than Zen... info.
  • Zen and the Gateless Gate - A dozen stories. There are myriad of fascinating Zen stories which recount actual experiences of Zen teachers over a period of five centuries.
  • The Art of Breathing - The different styles, methods and techniques, info.
  • Go Rin Nosho - 'The Book of Five Rings' by Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Yin-Yang - The original meaning of yin-yang was the sunny side-shady side of a slope. Yang is the sunny side of a slope and Yin is the shady side of a slope. Classical Chinese thought describes and explains everything in the world with Yin-Yang. The way it is related to life, how it is used in health and medicine.