Loyola University Maryland

Jujitsu Club at Loyola

Basic to Advanced Self-Defense

Self-defense courses are specially designed programs for just about anyone wanting to learn how to deal with assault. We teach realistic hands-on techniques that are proven to work. These techniques are based upon the science of automatic reflex action and have been designed to produce maximum efficiency with minimal force. You will learn physical and non-physical resistance and what the law says about excessive force. These techniques not only help develop self-confidence and self-awareness, but are easy to learn. This is not a martial arts class (long pants are required).

Specially designed program for men and women, regardless of age, and most physical disabilities!

Realistic techniques that work. Physical and non-physical resistance.

Plenty of time to practice with trained supervision and instruction.

Trained instructor with over 25 years on aspects such as techniques, self-awareness, street awareness, liability, and the law.

Would you know what to do ?

  • Don't be a victim, be a survivor.
  • Don't be afraid, be smart! Take a certified self-defense course.

Other Maru Martial Arts Self-defense Courses

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  • Kubaton defense (defense weapon on a key ring)
  • Regular basic, advanced, and special
  • Teen (under 16) basic and advanced