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Learn To Fight Back, Protect Yourself

Every woman can defend herself and is worth defending. Every woman knows some self-defense. Taking a class provides more tools and a chance to practice them. Women are faced with a variety of assaults every day. Self-defense programs teach a range of self-defense options to choose from. Each woman has the right to choose what is the best answer for each situation.

  • Why Women are Afraid to Learn to Fight - Reasons why people do not take a self-defense class.
  • Strikes and their Reactions - A table that tells you what the attacker will do once you strike him, as well as a chart with pictures and arrows to show where the good strike points are.
  • What is Self-Defense? - Self-Defense is not a martial art, know the differences.
  • Security Mace Alert Page - Read what mace can or can't do from the makers of Mace.
  • Rape - What is rape, and what kinds of rape can occur.
  • Decrease Your Chances of Being Attacked - Tips of things you can do to decrease the possibility of being attacked.
  • If You are Abducted - Things you can do if the attack turns into an abduction.
  • Mental Attitude - What is the proper attitude to have before and during an attack?
  • Law - What the law says about using self-defense techniques for protection.
  • Types of Resistance - Ways of being attacked and how to do a proper ID.
  • Out on the Town - When you go out, are you safe? Check the list to find out things to keep in mind.
  • Safety in the Home - Tips to keep you safe at home with children.
  • Safety in the Car - Tips on how to keep your car in good shape and tips to keep you safe.
  • Web Page Links (Need Help?) - Links from other web sites that offer all kinds of help for victims and non-victims.

Take a self-defense class at Loyola. Contact Hanshi Donna Mathews (410-494-4963 or daltam666@gmail.com)

Self-Defense Resources