Loyola University Maryland

Jujitsu Club at Loyola

Decrease Your Chances of Attack

  1. Know your area
  2. Know your neighbors
  3. Lock all doors
  4. Keep emergency numbers posted
  5. Do not go into bad areas alone if you can help it ( especially at night )
  6. Put a male voice on your answering machine
  7. Do not leave notes on you front door telling where you are and when you will be back
  8. Buy locks for your windows
  9. Know your ability
  10. Stay aware of your surroundings no matter where you are
  11. Do not hitch hike
  12. Carry proper identification with you at all times
  13. Carry money in a different pocket
  14. Know how to identify an attacker
  15. Make sure that all members of your family are attack trained ( especially children )
  16. Stay aware of the activities that go on in your community
  17. Park in well-lighted areas
  18. Keep your car in good condition / keep a help kit and extra blankets in your car along with a good flashlight, oil, extra batteries, flares, need help sign or signal, plus personal idea items
Never hesitate: call for help if you think you are in trouble