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Binders Pages
Print copies of every page and put in binder.
All returning students download all
pages with an *.

Other Downloads & Links 

Notebook Index Page* Tun-Ge (audio) (video)

Class Log Sheet*

Ketsugo Sugata (audio)
Schedule* Dosun (audio) (video) (video from behind)
Media Waiver Copy 2x Sign One & Return to Sensei* Dun-Gun (audio) (video) (video from behind)
Randori Rules Copy 2x Sign One & Return to Sensei* Techniques Descriptions & Locations
First Class Reminders* Maneuvering Strategies & Other Information
Belt Rank Requirements* General Mechanics
Student Cost for Full Program* Written Belt Exams & forms on video and audio
Philosophy of Ju-Jitsu Teaching Tips for Nikyu & Sankyu*
Humility & Self-Restraint Student Cultural Studies
Attitude* Student Cultural Reports
Right Mental Attitude* Weapons Page
The Principles of Martial Arts* Haikus on Birth, Life, & Death
Ju-Jitsu the Way to Japan* History of the Black Belt
Maru Lineage* Bushido
Ju-Jitsu History* Club Constitution for 2011+ you need to read this
The Meaning of the Maru Logo* Meaning of the Belt Rank Titles
Dojo Rules of Conduct* Comparing the Martial Arts
Code of Ethics Maru Martial Arts Ju-jitsu Club Alum
Code of Conduct Students' Corner
Vocabulary Student Poetry
How to Tie Your Belt, Gi, or Hakama* Questions for Your Mind
The Hakama* Philosophical Quotes


Books & Tapes List:
You can sign out books or tapes for 1 week from Hanshi
Ketsugo Sugata Rising Sun Dojo in Pennsylvania
Dosun Judo Info
Dun-Gun Small Circle Ju-Jitsu International
Staff American Ju-Jitsu Association
Staff Form 1-8 American Ju-Jitsu Association's Black Belt Database
Strikes and Their Reactions Martial Art Laws Still on the Books
Point Strike Chart:
Locate strike points using this diagram
Chinese Poetry:
With English translations
Joint techniques
For everyone and everything
Letter from Mace Security International:
Warning to all who carry mace
Bugei Trading Company:
For all things Samurai, over 1000 related Martial Arts products