Loyola University Maryland

Jujitsu Club at Loyola


  1. Attention
  2. Bow
  3. Horse stance
  4. Step up into right forward neutral
  5. Pivot ¼ to left, left outward block, then right punch
  6. ½ turn to right, right outward block, then left punch
  7. Turn head towards left, then step back with right, toe to heel
  8. Step out and pivot ¼ to left with left foot, execute an open hand block
  9. Step up with right into right forward neutral and execute a downward knife strike, while protecting elbow with left
  10. Pivot ¼ to left, while blocking face with left and leg with right
  11. ½ turn to left, with backwards snake, then execute a left rolling back fist
  12. Step up with right, then execute a right rolling back fist
  13. ¾ turn to left, left outward block, right punch
  14. ½ turn to right, right outward block, left punch
  15. Pivot ¼ to left, step out 45 degrees to left with double rising blocks, right kick, then right-left combination punches
  16. Step out 45 degrees to right with double rising blocks, left kick, then left-right combination punches
  17. Pivot ¼, then left upward rising block
  18. Step up with right into a snake, with upward right rising block
  19. ¾ turn to left with left shuto
  20. Pivot ½ to right, stutter step to right with right shuto
  21. Horse stance
  22. Attention
  23. Bow