Loyola University Maryland

Physics Club


What is the Physics Club?

Bubbles on the QuadThe Physics Club is the Society of Physics Students chapter of Loyola University Maryland. It is a student organization for students interested in physics and related fields.

What does the Physics Club do?

The Physics Club organizes events such as trips, socials, physics activities and functions for its members and friends of physics.  In addition, we maintain subscriptions to science related magazines such as Scientific American, Astronomy, and Physics Today, which are kept in the club's room (217 Knott Hall) for students to read at their leisure.

The club also sponsors a variety of other events. For example, this past October, we provided the Quad with complimentary bubble making. Who knows what we'll come up with this year? If you have any good ideas feel free to suggest something.

Why should I join the Physics Club?

By joining the Physics Club you'll be meeting many physics majors, who are, in general, really cool people to hang out with. If you are thinking about declaring a physics major, this is the place to come for helpful advice about taking classes. If you are intending to become a major, you're very welcome here.

Joining also adds you to the club email list, so you can be notified about club sponsored events.

How do I join the Physics Club?

The best way to join is to email our President expressing your interest. Or you could stop by the club room, 217 Knott Hall, and ask if a board member is available. A board member will explain what we do and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the club.