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Sellinger Scholars Program

The Sellinger Scholars Program has two primary components: curricular coursework and BH 199 Sellinger Scholars Experience. 

The required coursework offers increased rigor in the form of outside reading, discussion, and class presentations.  Program participants are pre-registered for Scholars course sections which are smaller in size and allow for greater interaction with faculty and classmates.  Coursework begins in the fall of the sophomore year and must be taken in sequence.  

The second component, BH 199 Sellinger Scholars Experience, offers students the opportunity to participate in professional, social, and community service activities in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.  This element is designed to enhance the academic experience and broaden the learning environment.

First-year students who have completed 15 credits in the fall semester applicable to a degree (excluding AP credits) with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and are majoring in Accounting or Business Administration will be invited to apply to the program.  Admission is competitive.


Course Requirements:  Sellinger Scholars are pre-registered for the following courses which fulfill degree requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. 

Sophomore Year
BH 200 Financial Accounting
BH 251 Information Systems
BH 320 Financial Management
BH 240 Marketing 
BH 292 International Business

Junior Year
BH 201 Management
BH330 Operations Management

Senior Year
BH 305 Legal Environment of Business
BH 402 Business Policy

Sellinger Scholars will not register for the following courses:  AC 201 Financial Accounting, IS 251 Information Systems, MG 201 Management, MK 240 Marketing, FI 320 Financial Management

BH 199 Sellinger Scholars Experience: Scholars must enroll in this one-credit course every semester, unless they are on leave from Loyola or studying abroad.  Topics vary each year and support leadership development, career readiness and commitment to service.

PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION:  Susan Hasler, Administrative Director    

Questions may be referred to the Administrative Director at 410-617-1619 or visit the program web site.