Loyola University Maryland

Academic Advising and Support Center


WebAdvisor is used by students, faculty, and administrators to access up-to-date information on grades, registration, schedules, billing, financial aid, and more. As a faculty advisor, you will use WebAdvisor to access student information, as well as to grant students permission to register and give sixth course permission.

For a comprehensive presentation on how to use WebAdvisor, please download the "WebAdvisor Instructions" from the Records Office website.

  • To access WebAdvisor, open your web browser to http://www.loyola.edu/webadvisor
  • Your username is the same as your Outlook username. Your password is the same as the synchronized password for Outlook, Moodle, the Inside Loyola portal etc. 
  • If you have forgotten your password, contact Technology Services at X5555 to have it reset.
  • To report incorrect advisee information, please call the Academic Advising and Support Center at X5050. 

WebAdvisor Features:

Search for Sections allows students and faculty to view open courses in real time.  This feature gives the most current information on course offerings and meeting times.
Permit to Register allows faculty to give advisees registration and sixth-course permission electronically.  This process is designed to eliminate the need for signatures on paper forms. The use of this screen does not replace the advising process. 
Advisees, which is found under the faculty menu of WebAdvisor, provides a single-screen view of all advisees assigned to an advisor.  Information including student name, ID number, academic program, and class year as well as cumulative GPA, attempted credits, and ungraded credits can be viewed in this module.
My Advisees, which is found under the faculty menu of WebAdvisor, provides advisors with access to updated information about their assigned advisees.
TRAN-Transcript: Allows advisors to view an unofficial, electronic copy of all completed courses, the student’s earned credits, total grade points, and cumulative GPA.  This is not a comprehensive Loyola University Maryland transcript.  This feature will not show courses in progress. If one of your advisees is on an administrative or financial hold, you will not be able to access this screen until the hold has been resolved. However, course information on each student is available on PREV (see below).
SCHED-Schedule: Allows advisors to view student schedules for the current and future semester(s).  Completed courses will not appear. Completed courses can be viewed through the transcript (TRANS) or degree audit (EVAL) actions. 
EVAL-Program Evaluation or Degree Audit: Allows advisors to view their advisees’ degree audits. The degree audit will appear in single-column format.
TEST-Test Summary: Displays students’ SAT scores (if submitted), language placement test results and math placement test results.  ALL students are required to take both placement exams. Both the math and language placement scores appear as raw scores. For the course placement equivalencies of math and language exams, advisors should consult advising charts.  Advisors can call X5050 if additional information is needed.  The Admission Office uses the ‘Other Tests’ table for internal processes.
STPR- Student Profile: Displays student information including preferred mailing address, email address, home and local phone number, academic program, anticipated completion date (if the student has applied for graduation), and advisor.