Loyola University Maryland

Academic Advising and Support Center

Student of Concern

Who Is a Student of Concern?

A student of concern is any student who is exhibiting behavior that may negatively impact his or her academic and/or personal development and well-being at Loyola University Maryland.  

Faculty should use the form below to report such concerns as:

Repeated class absences
Disruptive behavior in class
Failure to turn in assignments and/or low exam scores that indicate a propensity to fail the course
Student requesting frequent extensions or exceptions for “extenuating circumstances”
Direct statements related to distress, family issues/illnesses/death, or other difficulties
Extreme personality changes
Other concerns

If you are concerned about the immediate well-being of a student and need immediate assistance in dealing with the situation, please call the Counseling Center at 410-617-2273 during normal business hours or utilize the emergency crisis intervention contacts: https://www.loyola.edu/department/counseling-center/about/emergency. 

For more information, please contact Victoria Gue, Senior Associate Director of AASC, at vlgue@loyola.edu or 410-617-5213.

What Happens After a  Faculty Member Submits the Form:

Once you submit a form, an administrator in AASC will contact you to confirm the receipt of the form and notify you that steps are being taken to address the concern.  The information may be shared with individuals on campus who are best suited to address the specified concerns.  These individuals may include administrators in the Academic Advising and Support Center, Class Deans, the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, the Counseling Center, Disability Support Services, Campus Ministry, and others.   

Please note that, due to FERPA regulations and the sensitivity of personal information, you may not receive any specific information or follow-up after submitting your concern.  However, please be assured that individuals are working with the student to address the situation and the concerns. 

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