Loyola University Maryland

The Office of Academic Affairs

Approaching Challenging Topics in the Classroom

Following the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, we began considering ways to broach difficult, yet essential conversations on campus. As a university community committed to equity, inclusion and social justice, we, in a variety of settings, collectively determined ways to responsibly facilitate our students' inquiry related to the intersection of their chosen disciplines and matters of race, culture, civil rights, constitutional rights and justice. This year we continue and broaden that work.

Faculty at Loyola and across the nation continue to face difficult moments in the classroom. Often charged by political action, national dialogue and social media, these “hot button” moments, although challenging, hold the potential for increased student reflection, skill development, personal growth and understanding regarding important issues like politics, climate change, gender, sexuality, immigration, sustainability, and race. When handled effectively, these moments create space for the emergence of the kind of engaged citizenry we at Loyola celebrate!

Please feel free to check out the resources listed below on facilitating difficult conversations in the classroom. 

I wish you a very productive year!

Cheryl Moore-Thomas
Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer