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New Faces: 2017-18

Learn more about the new faculty members joining each school during the 2017-2018 school year:

Loyola College

Rev. Iain Brown, Pastoral Counseling and Education Specialties


  • Education: Ph.D., Pastoral Counseling/Counselor Education; Advanced Studies in Jungian Psychoanalysis and Analytical Psychology, C.G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe
  • Experience: Adjunct Faculty, Loyola University Maryland; Co-Director, Jonah House; Clinical Counselor, Eastern Oregon University; Assistant Professor of Psychology, Northern New Mexico College; Program Coordinator for Mental Health Services (AmeriCorps)
  • Publications: Garrett, M. T., Williams, C., Curis, R., Brown, I. T., Portman, T. A. A., Grayshield, L., & Parrish, M. (2016). Native Americans and Pastoral Counseling. In E. A. Maynard & J. L. Snodgrass (Eds.), Understanding Pastoral Counseling. New York, NY: Springer Press.; Brown, I. T. (2014). Realizing a research ethic of solidarity: The role of the unconscious and an ontology drawn from Zen Buddhist teachings on nonduality. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches, 7, 368–377.; Magyar-Russell, G., Brown, I. T., & Deal, P. (2014). Potential benefits and detriments of religiousness and spirituality to emerging adults. In C. Barry & M. Abo-Zena (Eds.), Emerging Adults’ Religiousness and Spirituality: Meaning-Making in an Age of Transition. New York: NY. Oxford University Press.; Brown, I. T. (2013). The trees do bear witness. 3rd place, Mainstream Literary/Short Story, Southwest Writers 31st annual contest.; Magyar-Russell, G., Brown, I. T., Edara, I., Smith, M. T., Marine, J. E., & Ziegelstein, R. C. (2013). 
  • Presentations: Transformational Leadership, Presentation given to pastoral counseling students on visioning and implementing change in community and institutional contexts, Loyola University Maryland (2017); The Role of Pastoral Counseling in Serving Underserved Communities, Panel Presentation given at the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Pastoral Counseling Department, Loyola University Maryland (2017); Soul Work, Presentation given to student leaders at Eastern Oregon University (2015) Mentoring Mentors, Workshop for the HEP teaching staff and select student graduates of the HEP program at Northern New Mexico College (2014); Strategic and Brief Crisis Interventions, Workshop for the HEP teaching staff at Northern New Mexico College (2014); Assisting Students with Unique Learning Abilities, Presentation given to NNMC’s faculty on behalf of the college’s chapter of the National Federation of the Blind (2014).

Donglin Chai, Modern Languages and Literaturesdonlin chai

Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University
  • Experience: Academic/Resident Director, US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship Chinese Language Study Abroad Program; Lecturer, The Ohio State University; Master Teacher, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Paradigms of Chinese Language Instruction in America, Cognitive Science, The Analects of Confucius, Teacher Training, Curriculum Development, Program Implementation, Pedagogical Materials Evaluation and Creation
  • Awards: Cengage Learning Award for Innovative Excellence in the Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language (First Prize), The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA; Graduate Associate Teaching Award, The Ohio State University
  • Presentations: “Using Field Performance Tasks in Chinese Study Abroad Contexts,” presented at the annual meeting of The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA (CLTA), April 2016, College Park, MD.; “Chinese Teaching Practicum in Performance-based Teacher Training Program,” presented at the annual meeting of American Council of on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), November 2015, San Diego, CA.; “Building Learners’ Social Network through the Student Committee System,” presented at the annual meeting of The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA– Greater New York (CLTA–GNY), May 2014, New York City, NY.
  • Publications: Chai, Donglin, Crista Cornelius, and Bing Mu. Action! China: A Field Guide to Using Chinese in the Community. Routledge, 2018.; Chai, Donglin. Review of “Zhuoyue Hanyu–Gongsi Shizhanpian” [Excellent Business Chinese], by Zhongqi Shi, Lingjun Hu and Xiaodan Wang. Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, vol. 50, no. 1, 2015, pp. 109-113.
  • Professional Affiliations: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages; The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA

Jenny Glick, Communicationjenny glick


  • Education: M.A., Journalism, University of Maryland College Park
  • Experience: Adjunct Lecturer, University of Maryland College Park, Fall 2016
  • Professional: News Anchor/Reporter WTOP Radio, Washington DC; WNEW Radio Midday Anchor and Enterprise Reporter, Washington DC; WBAL Radio Anchor and Web Writer; WMAR TV, Baltimore MD, Reporter; FOX 40 News Sacramento, Reporter; KCBS Radio San Francisco, Reporter and Anchor; NBC 5 News Chicago, Traffic Reporter; WMAQ Radio Chicago, Overnight anchor; WKRS/WXLC Waukegan, Morning Show Co-Host/Crimes Reporter. 
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Storytelling, Broadcast Writing, News Writing, Speech, Digital Editing, Video Editing, Writing for Web, Public Speaking
  • Awards: Edward R. Murrow Award, Continuing Team Coverage, “Derecho,” 2012; Society of Professional Journalists, Excellence in Journalism Award, First Place Human Interest Reporting, 2007; National Chesapeake Emmy Award, Feature Series News Report, “Life Lessons”, 2006; Baltimore City Council Resolution honoring “Education Coverage,” 2004; Edward R. Murrow Award, KCBS Team Coverage “Continuing Coverage of the Energy Crisis,” 2002; Chicago Air Awards Finalist, “Best Spot News” and “Best Spot Traffic Reporter,” 1998, Chicago Air Awards Finalist, “Best News Anchor,” 1997.
  • Professional Affiliations: AFTRA, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Bom Soo Kim, Physicsbom kim


  • Education: Ph.D., Physics, University of California at Berkeley
  • Experience: Postdoctoral Researcher and Instructor, University of Kentucky; Postdoctoral Fellow, Tel Aviv University; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Crete & IESL-FORTH 
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Quantum Field Theory & String Theory, AdS/CFT & Holography
  • Awards: Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor 2014-2015, Berkeley CA
  • Presentations: “Entanglement Entropy with Current and Chemical potential.,” May 2017 at the Great Lakes Strings Conference, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. USA.; “Skyrmion charge, Ward identity and Hall transport,” Oct. 2015 at SPOCK regional string meeting, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. USA.; “Lifshitz Hydrodynamics and its application to quantum critical region,” Mar. 2015 at University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, USA.; “Holographic Quantum Criticality,” May 2014 at the Junior Research Group Leader Selection Symposium on Recent Topics of Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Pohang, Korea.; “Universal hydrodynamic description of quantum critical points with Lifshitz scaling,” July - Aug. 2013 at KIAS, Seoul, Korea and Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo, Kashiwa, Japan.; “Charged Dilatonic Black Holes and their Transport Properties,” June 2010 at the XVIth European Workshop on String Theory, Madrid, Spain.
  • Publications: B. S. Kim, “Entanglement Entropy with Background Gauge Fields,” JHEP 1708, 041 (2017). [arXiv:1706.07110][hep-th]; B. S. Kim, “Holographic Renormalization of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Theories,” JHEP 1611, 044 (2016). [arXiv:1608.06252][hep-th]; B. S. Kim and A. Shapere, “Skyrmions and Hall Transport,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 116805 (2016). [arXiv:1506.08199][hep-th]; C. Hoyos, B. S. Kim and Y. Oz, “Lifshitz Hydrodynamics,” JHEP 1311, 145 (2013). [arXiv:1304.7481][hep-th].; B. S. Kim, “Schroedinger Holography with and without Hyperscaling Violation,” JHEP 1206, 116 (2012). [arXiv:1202.6062][hep-th]; B. S. Kim, E. Kiritsis and C. Panagopoulos, “Holographic quantum criticality and strange metal transport,” New J. Phys. 14:043045 (2012). [arXiv:1012.3464][cond-mat.str-el]; C. Charmousis, B. Gouteraux, B. S. Kim, E. Kiritsis and R. Meyer, “Effective Holographic Theories for low-temperature condensed matter systems,” JHEP 1011, 151 (2010).[arXiv:1005.4690][hep-th]; O. J. Ganor, A. Hashimoto, S. Jue, B. S. Kim and A. Ndirango, “Aspects of Puff Field Theory,” JHEP 0708, 035 (2007). [arXiv:hep-th/0702030]

Heidi Krajewski, Historyheidi krajewski

Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., History and M.A., Latin American Studies from Tulane University
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Central America, modern Latin American political history, urbanization and poverty, U.S.-Latin American relations, authoritarian regimes and revolution
  • Awards: 2014 Lawrence Gelfand-Armin Rappaport-Walter LaFeber Dissertation Fellowship, Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR)
  • Presentations: “Reform or Revolution?: Development Politics, Cross-Class Mobilization, and Anti-Somocismo in 1970s Nicaragua.” 2017 International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Lima, Perú. “Reconstructing poverty in the aftermath of the 1972 earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua.” Cities and disasters: Urban adaptability and resilience in history, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, November 2016. “The 1983 Papal Visit to Nicaragua: Religious Practice and Church Politics in the Sandinista Revolution.” Annual Meeting of the Southern Historical Association, Atlanta, GA, November, 2014.
  • Professional Affiliations: Latin American Studies Association, American Historical Association, Coordinating Council of Women in History, Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations

Jason Labonte, Chemistryjason labonte

Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University
  • Experience: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2011-2017
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: ß-lactam synthetases, Polyketide synthases, Non-ribosomal peptide synthetases, Carbohydrate modeling
  • Awards: JHU Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003
    Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (F32), 2015–2017
  • Presentations: Labonte, J.W. “RosettaCarbohydrate: Expanding the computational tools available to glycoscientists.” Presented at RosettaCON 2015, Leavenworth, WA, July 31, 2015.
  • Publications: Labonte, J.W.; Adolf-Bryfogle, J.; Schief, W.R.; Gray, J.J. “Residue-Centric Modeling and Design of Saccharide and Glycoconjugate Structures.” J. Comp. Chem. 2017, 38, 276–287. (PMID: 27900782)
    Gray, J.J.; Chaudhury, S.; Lyskov, S.; Labonte, J.W. The PyRosetta Interactive Platform for Protein Structure Prediction and Design: A Set of Educational Modules, 2nd ed.; Baltimore, MD, 2013.
    Labonte, J.W.; Kudo, F.; Freeman, M.F.; Raber, M.L.; Townsend, C.A. “Engineering the Synthetic Potential of ß-Lactam Synthetase and the Importance of Catalytic Loop Dynamics,” Med. Chem. Commun. 2012, 3, 960–966. (PMCID: PMC3632419); Labonte, J.W. & Townsend, C.A. “Active Site Comparisons and Catalytic Mechanisms of the Hot Dog Superfamily,” Chem. Rev., 2012, 113, 2182–2204. (PMID: 23205964)
  • Professional Affiliations: Society for Glycobiology, American Chemical Society, Rosetta Commons 

Reagan Lake, Biology


  • Education: M.S., Conservation Biology, University of Marylan
  • Experience: Lecturer, UMBC
  • Awards: Jane Prichard Memorial Award, Department of Biology, UMCP, 2001; Albertus Magnus Award (finalist), Department of Chemistry, UMCP, 2001
  • Presentations: Bales, K., Lake, R., Miller, K., and J.M. Dietz (1999). Determinants o
  • Intersexual Dominance in Wild Golden Lion Tamarins. 3rd Midwest Marmoset Meetings, Kent, OH.; Lake, R. Commercialization of Native Songbirds in Brazil (1999). 13 Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology, College Park, MD.; Lake, R., Bales, K., and J.M. Dietz (1999). An Experimental Dominance Test in Wild Golden Lion Tamarins. 22nd Meeting of the American Society of Primatologists. New Orleans, LA.
  • Publications: Bales, K., French, J., McWilliams, J., Lake, R., and J.M. Dietz . 2006. Effects of social status, age and season on androgen and cortisol levels in wild Golden Lion Tamarins (Leontopithecus rosalia). Hormones and Behavior 49(1):88-95.

Patrick LoPresto, Psychology


  • Education: M.A., Counseling Psychology, Loyola College in Maryland; LCPC, Maryland Licensure for Clinical Psychology 
  • Experience: Psychology Private Practice since 1999, Lab Supervisor/Lecturer at Goucher College since 2001, teaching at Loyola since 2006
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Adolescent male/family issues, alcohol/drug evaluation and education, consulting, sexuality, research on homophobia and father/son relationships, role of humor in therapy and the classroom
  • Presentations: Present at local schools to parents/students/teachers on adolescent issues, technology addiction, etc. Next one at Immaculate Conception School in Towson in September 2017

Stephen Park, Englishstephen park

Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., English, University of Southern California
  • Experience: Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Multi-Ethnic US Literature, Literature of the Americas, Border Studies, Pan Americanism
  • Presentations: "NAFTA and the Literary Imagination," Bavarian American Academy Annual Conference (Munich 2016). "Unmapping the Hemisphere in Diego Rivera's Pan American Unity," Modern Language Association Annual Convention (Austin 2016). "'A North-Side View': Fugitive Slave Narratives, Migration Journalism, and Sentimentality in the Americas," American Studies Association Annual Meeting (Toronto 2015). "The Literature of Economic Apocalypse, Or How to Survive NAFTA," American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting (Seattle 2015).
  • Publications: The Pan American Imagination: Contested Visions of the Hemisphere in Twentieth-Century Literature (University of Virginia Press, 2014). "Free Trade Masculinities: NAFTA, Gender, and Power in the Work of Carlos Fuentes," in The Routledge Companion to Literature & Economics (Forthcoming). "Haunting the Plantation: The Global Southern Gothic in Eric Walrond's Tropic Death," Southern Quarterly (Forthcoming).
  • Professional Affiliations: Modern Language Association, American Studies Association

Austin Parks, Historyaustin parks

Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., History, Northwestern University
  • Experience: Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College, 2015-16; Visiting Assistant Professor, Kalamazoo College 2016-17
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Modern Japanese cultural history; Japanese war memory from 1945 to the present; the history of Japanese photography in the twentieth century
  • Presentations: "Seeing Double: Japanese Photographs of Occupation in Vietnam & Japan." Presented at Cultures of Occupation: Establishing a Transnational Dialogue, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2018. “The Ambiguous War: Japanese Photographs of Soldiers in Vietnam, 1965-1975.” Presented at Association of Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA 2016. “Everyone’s a Hero: The Politics and Aesthetics of Japanese Photographs from North Vietnam.” Presented at the 14th European Association of Japanese Studies (EAJS) International Conference, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014.
  • Publications: Picturing War in a Time of Peace: Photography, Memory, and Japanese Representations of Vietnam, 1963-1975 (In progress).
  • Professional Affiliations: American Historical Association, Association of Asian Studies

Nicole Reibe, Theologynicole reibe

Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., Theology, Boston College
  • Experience: Adjunct Professor at Boston College
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: 12th Century theology, Victorines, Jewish-Christian Relations, 15th Century Spain, and Feminist Theology
  • Awards: Boston College Dissertation Fellowship, Fortin Research Grant, Ecole Normale Supérieur Research Fellowship
  • Presentations: ( Most recent)“Baptizing Solomon: Liturgical Uses of King Solomon in the Twelfth-Century,” sponsored session presentation at the American Academy of Religion, Boston, MA, November 18-21, 2017; “Silent Spirituality: The gift of Teresa of Cartagena’s Deafness,” concurrent session presentation at the Patristic, Medieval, Renaissance Conference, Villanova, PA, October 14-16, 2016; “A Most Useful Spirit: Utilitatis as pneumatological attribute in Victorine theology,” concurrent session presentation at the International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, MI, May 12-15, 2016.
  • Publications: “The Homo Assumptus position revisited: Achard of St. Victor’s Christology in light of De Unitate,” essay in the proceeding of the Colloque International “Interpretations du De Unitate Dei et Pluralitate Creaturarum” d’Achard de Saint-Victor, Caen, France, April 2015. Gillles Olivo, ed. (Turnhout: Brepols), Forthcoming; “Sermon 9: Introduction,” essay in Victorine Texts in Translation VIII, Hugh Feiss, OBS, ed.  (Turnhout: Brepols), Forthcoming
  • Professional Affiliations:American Academy of Religion, Catholic Theological Society of America. 

Patricio Simari, Computer Sciencepatricio simari


  • Education: Ph.D., in Computer Science, University of Toronto.; Licentiate in Computer Science, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina
  • Experience: Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, The Catholic University of America; Research Associate, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland College Park; Sr. Research Scientist, Autodesk Research; Visiting Scholar/Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Computer Science and Department of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences, Johns Hopkins University;
  • Research Assistant, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Geometry Processing, Shape Analysis, Shape Segmentation, Semantic Labeling, Computer Vision. Applications in Computer Graphics; Health; Computer Vision; Robotics
  • Awards: Catholic University of America's School of Engineering 2016 Charles H. Kaman award for excellence in teaching
  • Professional Affiliations: Association for Computing Machinery

Rebecca Shimoni-Stoil, Historyrebecca stoil

Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Education: M.A., Johns Hopkins University, Dissertation: Tied to their Country: Agrarian Mobilization, Rural Discourses and the Farm Crises of 1977-1987
  • Experience: Instructor, Johns Hopkins University Freshman Seminar - You Are What You Eat: Food and Farm Politics, Policy and Culture in 20th Century America (2017); Instructor, Organizing War: Military Organization, Culture and Bureaucracy in the Modern Age (2013)
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: History of Capitalism, Twentieth Century US History, Cultural History, Gender History, Food History, Agricultural History, American Political Development
  • Awards: Dean’s Teaching Fellowship (2016-7); Hoover Institution Library and Archives Research Support Grant (2015); Robert Dole Institute of Politics Research Fellowship (2015); Montana State Historical Society James B. Bradley Fellowship (2014); Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Graduate Student Fellowship (2014)
  • Presentations: “Selling the Farm to Save the Farm: Agrarian activists’ urban and suburban outreach during the Farm Crisis,” Agricultural History Society Conference, 2016;  “Parity in the Free Market: A Policy Puzzle from the Farm Crisis of 1977-78,” Policy History Conference, 2016; “Wrestling with the Free Market: Agrarian organizations, free market economics and the Farm Crisis,” Organization of American Historians, 2016; “The Battle of the Beef: Anti-federalism, the war on cholesterol and economic intersectionality in the Farm Crisis,” 2015 Agricultural History Society Conference, 2015; “Saving the Farm on the Silver Screen: Traditionalism, gender, rural distress and agrarian protest in popular media during the Farm Crisis,” Rural Women’s Studies Association Conference, 2015; “Prairie Schooners and Waves of Grain: Thalassic Metaphor in North American Inland Encounters,” Annual Conference of the North American Society for Oceanic History, 2014.
  • Publications: "Desperate Farm Wives: Gender, Activism, and Traditionalism in the Farm Crisis." Middle West Review, vol. 2 no. 1, 2015, pp. 33-49.
  • Professional Affiliations: Co-founder, Working Group on Global Rural Politics and Political Culture; Member, Organization of American Historians; American Historical Association; Agricultural History Society

Rev. Steven Spahn, S.J., Theologysteve spahn

Part-Time Affiliate Faculty

  • Education: Ecclesiastical Faculty, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry; Th.M., Weston Jesuit School of Theology; M.A., Philosophy, Fordham University; M.S., Foreign Policy Studies, Georgetown University
  • Experience: Parochial Vicar, St. Ignatius Catholic Church; Director of Ignatian Programs, Georgetown University; Parochial Vicar, Holy Trinity Catholic Church; Chaplain and Teacher, Scranton Preparatory School; Vocation Promoter, Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus; Catechist and Deacon, Sacred Hearts Catholic Church; Instructor of Philosophy and Political Science, Chaplain-in-Residence, Center for Values and Service, Loyola University Maryland; Youth Ministry Director, St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church; Service immersion moderator, Loyola Blakefield High School; Chaplain, St. Clare’s Hospital; Instructor of Political Science and Campus Minister, Le Moyne College.

Lauren Spearman, Biologylauren spearman


  • Education: Ph.D., Ecology and Evolution, Rutgers University; Post-doctoral Fellow, Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.
  • Experience: Visiting Assistant Professor and Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences, Towson University
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Ecology, evolution and biodiversity of insects; grasshopper systematics; teaching the value of natural history collections and taxonomy in the age of discovery and conservation
  • Awards: Fulbright IIE Fellowship, South Africa
  • Publications: Spearman, L.A. 2013. Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Euloryma (Orthoptera: Acrididae). Transactions of the American Entomological Society 139 (1): 1-111; Otte, D., L.A. Spearman and M.B.D. Stiewe. Mantodea Species File Online, http://Mantodea.SpeciesFile.org
  • Professional Affiliations: Research Associate at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia and Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History

Summer Steenberg, Mathematics and Statistics


  • Education: M.S., Applied Mathematics, Wichita State University
  • Experience: Instructor of Mathematics and Statistics, Wichita State University; Instructor for Bridge for Engineering and Engineering Technology Students (BEETS)
  • Awards: Finalist for Academy of Effective Teaching, Carpe Diem Fellowship
  • Professional Affiliations: Pi Mu Epsilon, Lambda Alpha

LaRonika Thomas, Fine Artslaronika thomas

Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D. Candidate, Theatre and Performance Studies, expected Spring 2018, University of Maryland College Park; M.A., Theatre, Purdue University
  • Experience: Instructor, University of Maryland; Instructor, Towson University; Instructor and Adjunct Faculty, Community College of Baltimore County; Instructor to Record, Purdue University; Teaching Intern, Instructor of Record, Indiana University
  • Awards: 2016 UMD TLTC Distinguished Graduate Teaching Fellow; 2016 American Theatre and Drama Society Graduate Student Travel Award; 2016 American Theatre and Drama Society Graduate Student Fellow; 2011 UMD Theatre and Performance Studies Graduate Fellowship; 2003 National Finalist in the KCACTF Critic’s Competition, Kennedy Center; 1999 Senior Achievement Award in Theatre, Indiana University; 1998 Founder’s Day Distinguished Service Award, Indiana University; 1998 Golden Key National Honors Society; 1996 Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society; 1996 Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society
  • Publications: “[RE]BUILD / [RE]SCRIPT / [RE]PURPOSE: The Spatial Imaginary and Performances of
    Domestic Place-Making in the Work of Theaster Gates.” In The Family Dream Home Anthology,
    edited by Jill Stevenson, Jen-Scott Mobley, and Emily Klein. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press,
    Under Review; “Digital Dramaturgy and Digital Dramaturgs.” In The Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy, edited by Magda Romanska, 506-511.  New York: Routledge, 2014.
  • Presentations: “Destination Culture: The Festival Marketplaces of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and
    Chicago’s Navy Pier,” Working Group Seminar on Institutions, Cultural Studies
    Association Conference, Villanova, PA, June 4; “(Baltimore) City is Performance,” Baltimore Forum: Research and the City, University of Maryland Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy and the Division of Research, College Park, MD, April 27; “Water in the Desert: Labor, Landscape, and Memory between The Venetian and Hoover Dam,” Las Vegas, NV, August 3–6; “The Spectacular City: Performance, Planning, and the Entertainment Machines of Chicago, Baltimore, and Las Vegas,” Las Vegas, NV, August 3–6.
  • Professional Affiliations: Association for Theatre in Higher Education; American Theatre and Drama Society; American Society for Theatre Research; Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association; Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas; Cultural Studies Association; Theatre Communications Group

Pim Valkenberg, Theologypim valkenberg

Cardin Chair of Theology (2017-18)

  • Education: Utrecht State University and the Catholic Theological University of Utrecht, Netherlands. B.A. 1972-76 M.A. 1976-80 M.div. 1980-81 Ph.D. 1981-87
  • Experience: Catholic University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands (1987-2006), Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (1999), St. Augustine College of South Africa, Johannes burg (2000, 2002), University of Notre Dame, Indiana (2004), Loyola University Maryland (2006-2011), The Catholic University of America (2011-), University of Southern California (2016).
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Catholic Systematic Theology; St. Thomas Aquinas, Medieval and contemporary relations between Christians, Jews and Muslims; theology of interreligious dialogue; comparative theology; interreligious hermeneutics; interpretation of the Qur'an; Islamic mysticism and theology
  • Awards: Nostra Aetate (see below) won the best book 2017 award by the Catholic Press Association
  • Presentations: Recent presentations at international conferences in Frankfurt (Germany), Olomouc (Czech Republic), Utrecht (the Netherlands), Antwerp and Brussels (Belgium). Presentations at conferences in Munster (Germany) and Uppsala (Sweden) in October 2017
  • Publications: Fifteen books authored and edited. The most recent ones: World Religions in Dialogue: A Comparative Theological Approach (Anselm Academic 2013; enhanced edition 2017). Nostra Aetate: Celebrating 50 years of the Church's Dialogue with Jews and Muslims (ed., with Anthony Cirelli, CUA Press 2016); Renewing Islam by Service: A Christian View of Fethullah Gülen and the Hizmet Movement (CUA Press, 2015). A few recent articles and book chapters: "Scripture" in The Cambridge Companion to the Summa Theologiae, eds. Philip McCosker and Dennis Turner (Cambridge UP 2016: 48-61); "Comparative Criticism: the Qur'an and Karl Barth", Frankfurter Zeitschrift für islamisch-theologische Studien 4 (2017) 71-88; "Christianity in the Qur'an" and "The dynamics of the qur'anic account of Christianity" in: The Routledge Handbook of Christian - Muslim Relations, ed. David Thomas (Routledge 2017); "A Common Word or a word of Justice? Two qur'anic approaches to Christian - Muslim dialogue" in: The Cambridge Companion to the Common Word (Cambridge UP 2017 or 18).
  • Professional Affiliations:Co-chair of the Comparative Theology Group of the American Academy of Religion (2016-19); Steering Committee of the Comparative Theology group of the AAR (2014-16); steering committee of the Comparative Theology group of the Catholic Theological Society of America (2008-2011); six editorial boards and three advisory boards; member of the Catholic - Muslim dialogue sponsored by USCCB and ISNA/ICNA (since 2008); part of the Maryland Clergy Initiative (2010-12) with the (then) Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies and the Baltimore Jewish Council; expert on Abrahamic Programming for the Institute for Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies in Baltimore.

School of Education

Irene Bal, Education Specialtiesirene bal


  • Education: M.A., Educational Research and M.A. in Music Education, University of South Carolina
  • Experience: Instructional Technology Coach, Richland County School District One; Business Analyst – Geriatric Services, Palmetto Health; Music Teacher, Richland County School District One; Music Teacher, Charleston County School District; Director of Bands and Orchestra Department Head, Richland County School District One
  • Awards: Advisory Board for Fortis College (yearly); Nomination for Teacher of the Year (2008-2009, 2010-2011); Tech Savvy Teacher of The Year; Representative for SC 1A High Schools: Winter Ensemble Committee
  • Presentations: Blending Your Professional Development; Blending Your Classroom; Edmodo to Support Blended Learning; Social Networking in the Classroom; Saving Your Math Classroom!; Using Discovery Education Board Builder; Hour of Code in the PreK-12 Classroom; Edmodo as Your Digital Classroom; Intro to SMART Table and SMART Table Toolkit; Guide to Grants and Free Resources; Technology Night; Hosting an Instructional Technology Event; The Effectiveness of Structured Practice on the Achievement of Novice Wind Instrumentalists; Structured Practice in the Public Music Classroom
  • Professional Affiliations: Level 1 Google Certified Educator; Edmodo Certified Trainer II; Edmodo Ambassador; Edmodo Luminary; SeeSaw Star Teacher; Remind Connected Educator; SMART Exemplary Educator

Tommy Ender, Teacher Educationtommy ender

Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Education: Ph.D., Cultural Studies & Literacies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Experience: Graduate Instructor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Adjunct Instructor, Wake Technical Community College
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Social Studies Education, Latino Critical Theory in Education, Qualitative Methods, Urban Education, Social Justice in Education, Sociology of Education
  • Awards: Graduate Student Association Conference Participation Award, School of Education, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016; Fellow – Future Faculty Fellowship Program, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015
  • Presentations: Ender, T., & Shatara, H. (2016). Rehumanizing SS: Reconceptualizing how others are viewed in ss education. College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA). Washington, DC.;Ender, T., & Rodriguez, E. (2015). A marriage across a new border. American Educational Studies Association (AESA). San Antonio, TX.; Carrillo, J.F. & Ender, T. (2015).; Letters to our children: Narrating legacies of love, dissent, & struggle.  American Educational Studies Association (AESA). San Antonio, TX.; Shear, S., Adams, E., Aguayo, R., Ender, T., & Kerr, S. (2015). Putting work to work: Playing with non-conforming, disruptive qualitative method (ologies). College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA). New Orleans, LA.
  • Publications: Carrillo, J.F., Ender, T., & Perez, J. (2017). Letters to our children: Narrating legacies of love, dissent, and possibility.  Journal of Latinos and Education.  DOI: 10.1080/15348431.2017.1319369; Ender, T. (in press).  Ethnic.  In D.G. Krutka, A.M. Whitlock, & M. Helmsing (Eds.), Keywords in social studies: Concepts and conversations.  New York, NY: Peter Lang.; Ender, T. & Rodriguez, E. (in press). Beyond survival: A portrait of latin@s in north carolina. In L. Urrieta & G. Noblit (Eds.), The cultural construction of identity: Meta- ethnography and theory.  New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
  • Professional Affiliations: College and University Faculty Assembly, American Educational Research Association, American Educational Studies Association

Loretta Holmberg-Masden, Teacher Educationloretta holmberg-masden


Education: Ph.D., Education (Curriculum & Instruction: Reading) in progress; M.S., Education (Reading Specialist), Johns Hopkins University 

Experience: Graduate Assistant, University of Maryland; Adjunct Faculty Associate (part-time), Johns Hopkins University; Pre-GED Instructor, University of Maryland College Park; Literacy Instructor & ACE Observer, TNTP (Baltimore City Teaching Residency); Reading Specialist (part-time), Baltimore City Public Schools; Adjunct Faculty Instructor (part-time), Loyola University Maryland; Mentor Teacher, Baltimore City Public School System & Loyola University Maryland; Elementary School Teacher, Baltimore City Public School System; Developmental Reading Teacher, Lamar Twp. & Liberty-Curtin Elementary Schools; Attorney at Messrs. Lim & Associates in Singapore

Areas of Research/Specialization: English language learners, vocabulary, metacognition, self-efficacy,
urban education, children’s literature, teacher education, and education policy

Awards: 2015-2016/2013-2014 Naomi P. Hentz Scholarship Award; 2014 – 2015 The Cochran Scholarship Award; 2002 Recipient of the Lock Haven University Highest Academic Honor Award; 2002 Recipient of the Highest Academic Achievement Award in the College of Education and Human Services, Lock Haven University; Board of Governors’ Scholar; Dean’s List every semester since Fall 1999
Inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi in Spring 2001; Inducted into the International Honor Society in Education of Kappa Delta Pi in Spring

Professional Affiliations: Literacy Research Association; International Literacy Association (formerly International Reading Association); American Federation of Teachers; Member of the Middle Temple Inn, London, U.K.

Amy McGinn, Education Specialtiesamy mcginn


  • Education: Ed.D. Candidate, Instructional Technology, Towson University, expected date of degree conferral December 2017; Dissertation Title:  Teacher Experiences with Professional Development for Technology Integration at an Independent K-12 School:  A Multi-Case Study; Master of Arts in English Literature, University of Memphis, Master of Arts in Teaching, Concentration in Secondary English Education, University of Memphis; Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Rhodes College
  • Experience: Middle School English Teacher and Department Chair, The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland; Middle School English Teacher, St. Anne’s School of Annapolis; Middle School English Teacher, Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, TN; High School English Teacher, Northside High School, Memphis City School System
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Professional Development for Technology Integration, Diffusion of Innovations, Teacher Leaders and Technology Integration, TPACK
  • Presentations: The Status of Professional Development for Technology at Independent K-12 Schools: Insights from a Literature Review. Annual Conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, Savannah, GA (2016).; Using Tablet Computers in K-12 Education; Annual Conference of the Association of Independent Maryland/DC Schools, Baltimore, MD (2010).; Web 2.0 Resources for Secondary English Teachers; Professional Development Workshop for AIMS teachers, Baltimore, MD (2009).
  • Publications: McGinn, A. & Song, L. (2016). The Status of Professional Development for Technology at Independent K-12 Schools: Insights from a Literature Review. In G. Chamblee & L. Langub (Eds.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 2191-2196). Savannah, GA, United States: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).
  • Professional Affiliations: Maryland Society for Educational Technology; International Society for Technology in Education; Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education

Myra Smith, Education Specialtiesmyra smith


  • Education: Ed.D.,  Education Leadership, Higher Education, and Policy Studies, University of Maryland, Dissertation Title:  An Analysis of One School District’s Implementation of Professional Learning Communities in Its Elementary Schools
  • Experience: Associate Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools; Director of School Performance, Montgomery County Public Schools; Principal, Baltimore County and Montgomery County Public Schools; Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University & McDaniel College
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Professional Learning Communities in Schools as Organizations, reculturing schools as learning organizations, the role of the principal in creating and sustaining professional learning communities, systemic school improvement for the achievement of students, the development and acculturation of aspiring elementary and secondary school leaders
  • Awards: NAACP Bright Minds Award (Montgomery County); Citation, Governor of The State of Maryland, Leadership Excellence Award; New Psalmist Baptist Church, Making Life Better Award; New Psalmist Baptist Church, Worklife Alliance Award
  • Presentations: Achievement Steering Committees, a Strategy for School Improvement, National Association of Elementary School Principals; Leadership for Schools, Maryland Principals’ Academy, Maryland State Department of Education; Creating and Sustaining a Professional Learning Community at Strathmore Elementary School, The Council of Educational Administrative & Supervisory Organizations of Maryland (CEASOM)
  • Professional Affiliations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; The Links, Incorporated; Columbia (MD) Chapter National Association of Elementary School Principals

Boni-Jane Wozolek, Teacher Educationboni-jane wozolek

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Education: Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Kent State University
  • Experience: Instructor, John Carroll University; K-12 World Language Teacher- Medina City Schools, Kent City Schools, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Curriculum Studies, Critical Studies of Race, Educational Foundations, Teacher Education, Qualitative Research, Queer Theory
  • Awards: James T. Sears Award, AERA Division B (Curriculum Studies) Outstanding Dissertation Recognition Award, Alpha Kappa Mu Honors Society Inductee, National Center for Institutional Diversity Inductee, Latino Networking Caucus- Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • Presentations: Dr. Wozolek has made over 55 national and international presentations. Some of them include:
  • Representative International Presentations and Workshops: Gershon, W. S. & Wozolek, B. (2013). “Multisensual ethnography: Disrupting commonsense constructions of representation and education.” An invited workshop to be presented at MultiPluriTrans. Emerging Fields in Educational Ethnography (Conferences on ethnographic research organized by German-speaking educational scientists, every 3 years), November 23, 2013, Luxembourg, Luxembourg.; Wozolek, B. (2015). Queer Battle Fatigue: Exploring the (un)safe spaces of school culture in the Midwest. Paper presented to the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, June 2015, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Representative National Presentations: Wozolek, B. (2017). Assemblages of Violence: Rape, resistance, and women’s voice across scale. Paper presented at the 13th Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, May 2017, Urbana-Champaign, IL.; Wozolek, B., Sintos Coloma, R., Gilbert, J., Airton, L. (Panelists) & Meiners, E. (Discussant). (2017). From Verbal Aggression to Physical Violence: LGBTQI Experiences, Everyday Oppression, and Queer Battle Fatigue. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, San Antonio, TX.
  • Representative Invited Academic Presentations: Pre-conference Seminar- American Educational Research Association (AERA)- Seminar Organizers: Boni Wozolek, Denise Taliaferro Baszile, Lance McCready & Bettina Love. (2017). #BlackLivesMatter and Curriculum Studies, Presented at the American Educational Research Association, San Antonio, TX.; Provoking Dialogues- Provoking Dialogues- All Conference Session- Review of But you can’t take our souls: Racial battle fatigue in higher education. Panel: Kenneth Fasching-Varner, Berlisha Morton, Boni Wozolek Discussant: Roland Mitchel. Presented to the Bergamo Conference of Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice, October 10, 2014, Dayton, OH.
  • Representative Community Presentations: Wozolek, B. & Gershon, W.G. (2017). LGBTQIA+ training for teachers and support staff at Maplewood Career Center. Ravenna, Ohio.; Wozolek, B. (2016). The presence of absence: Discussing marginalization, social justice and our schools.  Presented to the Medina Diversity Initiative. January 28, 2016
  • Publications: Wozolek, B., Wootton, L., & Demlow, A. (2016). The school-to-coffin pipeline: Queer youth, suicide and resilience of spirit, Cultural Studies<>Critical Methodologies, 1-7.; Wozolek, B. (2016). Editor’s introduction: From Cooper and Woodson to schools today: BLM and American schools, Special Issue of the Division B Newsletter, 1(1), 1-6.; Wozolek, B. (2015). Schooling racialized bodies: Curriculum at the intersection of visibility and absence, International Journal of Curriculum and Social Justice, 1(1), 7-17.; Wozolek, B., Varndell, R., & Speer, T. (2015). Are we not fatigued?: Queer battle fatigue at the intersection of heteronormative culture, International Journal of Curriculum and Social Justice, 1(1), 186-214.; Wozolek, B. (2014). What are you anyway? Racial fatigue as daily experience in public schools. In R.W. Mitchell, K.J. Fasching-Varner, K.A. Albert & C.M. Allen (eds.), Racial battle fatigue in higher education: Exposing the myth of post-racial America (pp. 17-20). Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.; Wozolek, B. (2015). Deliberative conversation: Possibilities of equity in everyday schooling, in J.G. Henderson & colleagues  (Eds.), Reconceptualizing curriculum development: Inspiring and informing action (pp. 99-109). New York: Routledge.; Wozolek, B. (2012). The nested nature of m/othering: Complicating curriculum conversations. In B. Sams, J. Job, and J.C. Jupp, Excursions and recursions through power, privilege, and practice (pp. 97-114). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Professional Affiliations: National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan (Inducted 2017); American Educational Research Association (2011-present); American Educational Studies Association (2012-present); American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (2011-present); International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry (2011-present); Canadian Society for the Study of Education (2014-present); American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (2007-present); Ohio Education Association (2007-present); Ohio Foreign Language Association (2007-present)

Sellinger School of Business and Management

Scott Emge, Financescott emge

Executive in Residence

  • Education: MBA, Finance, University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business; Certified Public Accountant (State of Maryland); Certified Financial PlannerTM
  • Experience: VP & Chief Financial Officer for a top 25% division of a Fortune 200 food distributor; Chief Financial Officer for a $25MM construction company; Managing Director for a boutique consulting firm specializing in outsourced CFO services, business valuations, M&A and corporate finance advisory services; Managing Director for an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm
  • Professional Affiliations: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants

Frank Izzo, Accountingfrank izzo


  • Education: Master of Professional Accounting; CPA (Maryland license)
  • Experience: Affiliate Instructor in the Department of Accounting, Loyola University Maryland; Temporary General Manager, SITECH Chesapeake, LLC; Associate Faculty Member in Department of Business and Economics, College of Notre Dame of Maryland; Acting Chief Financial Officer, Cooperative Association of Tractor Dealers, Inc.; Vice President and CFO, Alban Tractor Co., Inc. 
  • Awards: Loyola University Maryland Dean’s List; Lybrand Medal at Graduation for Excellence
    In Accounting; Member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Honor Society of Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education
  • Professional Affiliations: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants

Sean Keehan, Economicssean keehan

Executive In Residence

  • Education: M.A., Economics, American University
  • Experience: Affiliate Instructor, Loyola University Maryland; Senior Economist, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Health Economics, Labor Economics
  • Awards: Chair's Award for Distinguished Affiliate Faculty Teaching In Economics (2009-2010 and 2016-2017), CMS Administrator's Career Achievement Award, 2015
  • Presentations: "Prescription Drug Pricing And Trends," February 2017
  • Publications: "National Health Expenditure Projections, 2016-25: Price Increases, Aging Push Sector To 20 Percent of Economy," Health Affairs, February 2017; "The Supply Side of Health Care," Survey of Current Business, April 2014.

Adam Peake, Marketing

Executive in Residence

  • Education: MBA, Wake Forest University
  • Experience: Affiliate Instructor of Marketing, Loyola University Maryland; EVP, SVP, VP, Under Armour; Key Account Manager, Reebok International; Sales Representative, Starter Sportswear; Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

Kirsten Richards, Information Systems, Law and Operationskirsten richards

Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., Information Systems
  • Experience:Teaching Assistant, Systems Analysis and Design (online), UMBC; GAANN Fellow, UMBC; Adjunt Instructor, UMBC; Visiting Instructor, CCBC; Adjunct Instructor, CCBC; Adjunct Instructor, Notre Dame of Maryland University; Registered Nurse, Harbor Hospital (Baltimore) and Jewish Hospital (Louisville)
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Information Systems, Cybersecurity
  • Publications: Richards, K. & Norcio, A.F. (2016). Research Directions in Authentication and Personal Data. Proceedings from the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Human Factors in Cybersecurity. July 27-31, 2016.; Richards, K. & Norcio, A.F. (2017). Exploring the Discoverability of Personal Data Used for Authentication. Accepted for Proceedings from the AHFE 2017 International Conference on Human Factors in Cybersecurity. July 17-21, 2017.

Juan Rivera-Mata, Management and International Business

Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., Management, UPO, Seville, Spain; International MBA, Alliant University; Law Degree, UNED-Madrid, Spain
  • Experience: 17 years in international management, 17 years teaching international business and leadership (UPO –Seville Spain-, Georgetown University, Northwestern University)
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Global Business, Leadership, Women Leadership.
  • Presentations: “European scientists and researchers; same but different. Personality study of their psychological types and preferences” II ECUSA Congress, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. June 2017; “Gender or professional orientation? Personality differences among physicians, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare executives”. II ECUSA Congress, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. June 2017; “ Women leaders are good for Women leadership?”. Georgetown University. Washington DC. April 2017; “Immunology to change” Facing forces against my change. World Bank. Washington DC. February 2017; “Leadership and Women: A Social Incongruence?” EOI Symposium on Women in Business, Seville (Spain) March 11, 2011; “What Leadership for Latin America?” FAES Excellence Program for Latin American leaders, Madrid (Spain), January 20, 2011; “Leadership in a Social Perspective,” I Symposium on Leadership, Spanish Army Headquarters, Seville (Spain), November 12-14, 2010; “New Leadership for Latin America” and “Adaptive Leadership,” FAES Excellence Program for Latin American Leaders, Madrid (Spain) January 18-19, 2010; “Authority and Influence: Keys of Modern Leadership”, APD Conference, Madrid (Spain) October 29, 2007
  • Publications:"Women, Leadership and Society in Latin America", Universidad del Pacifico, Lima (Peru) 2012.; “Leadership in Latin America: from Independence to Interdependence”, in Energía social y  liderazgo transformador: a propósito del ADN de la sociedad peruana, edited by Caravedo, Baltazar, Universidad del Pacífico, Lima (Peru) 2012.;" Leadership, sex and gender: evaluation of 2,45-0 male and female Spanish Managers", Tesis Doctoral, Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville, Spain) 2011.; More Leadership, Less Leaders, with Pedro Gioya, Ed. LID, Madrid (Spain) 2011.; “Leadership Assessment of 340 Young Latin American Leaders in Washington DC,” International Leadership Association Meeting in Latin America, Lima (Peru) August 10-12, 2016; “The More Political Power, the Fewer Women in Latin America: Gender Quotas to Reduce the Leadership Gap,”  International Leadership Association meeting in Latin America, Lima (Peru) August 10-12, 2016; “Latin America Behind  Africa in Business Leadership Gender Gap. Alternatives: EU and World Bank Programs,” International Leadership Association meeting in Latin America, Lima (Peru) August 10-12, 2016;  “Leadership in XXI Century: How to Build Common Goals", RCC, Harvard University, Cambridge, June 16, 2016.; “Latin America Behind Africa in Gender Equality. Recommendations From a Leadership Perspective,”   I ECUSA Meeting, Washington DC, September 17-19, 2015.; “European Leadership: Leaders, Vision and Processes”, European Union, European Economic and Social Commission (EECC), Brussels (Belgium) February 25, 2014.; “Leadership in Latin America; from Independence to Interdependence", International Congress on Leadership Transformation, Universidad del Pacífico, Lima (Peru) October 11-12, 2012; “Leadership In-competence Models,” II Psychology, Coaching and Organizations Seminar, Seville (Spain), November 11, 2011.; “Leadership in the Present Society,” II Symposium on Leadership, Spanish Army Headquarters, Seville (Spain), November 11-12, 2011. 
  • Professional Affiliations: Advisory Board, WILL Women in Leadership in Latin America, New York; ECUSA (Españoles Cientificos en USA), Washington DC; Advising Committee, Leadership Center, Universidad del Pacifico, Lima Research Group “Democracia, Autonomias, Sociedad y Politica”, UPO, Seville; Association of Leadership Educators (USA); International Leadership Association (USA); Center for Leadership Studies, Exeter University, Exeter (UK) 2005-2014

Dazhong Wu, Information Systems, Law and Operations

Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Education: Ph.D., Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin
  • Experience: Assistant Professor, Troy University, Alabama
  • Areas of Research/Specialization: Information Systems
  • Publications: “Factors that influence employees’ security policy compliance: An Awareness-Motivation-Capability perspective” with Xiaofeng Chen and Liqiang Chen, (Journal of Computer Information Systems, forthcoming).; “Determinants of Research and Development Intensity from a Network Perspective”, with Joe Teng, Jiayu Hu, Phillip A. Mixon, and CJ Duan, (Studies in Business and Economics, 11.3, 2016).; “Industry Productivity Growth: A Network Perspective”, withTeng, J., and Smith, F., (Business Systems Research, 6(1), 2015).; “Competitive Environment and the Impact of IT on Vertical Integration”, with Gautam Ray, and Prabhudev Konana (Information Systems Research 20(4):585-603 · November 2009).; “Manufacturers’ Distribution Strategy in the Presence of the Electronic Channel”, with Gautam Ray, and Andrew Whinston (Journal of Management Information Systems, 25(1), 2008).