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Accessibility at Loyola

Course Readings

The same things you do to a document to make it accessible (including descriptive headings, embedded hyperlinks, and more) also make it more usable for all your students. Campus resources can help you implement these best practices into your course website.

This article discusses “course readings” broadly: any piece of content linked to your course website that you expect students to read. 

Creating accessible readings from the beginning (during the planning stage of your course) is ideal. A properly formatted PDF of a journal article, for example, makes it possible for students to make digital annotations in their favorite PDF reader software, and make it possible to read using a screen reader.

Campus resources are here to help you--contact the eReserves librarian directly, or your college’s academic technology team or Academic Technology Support Services.

Library Course Reserves for Digital Materials

The Loyola Notre Dame Library has a full site of dedicated to disability resources to help you identify how to best provide access to library materials, including digitization assistance

But you can also do these things yourself if you are a DIY type of person. See these resources for creating accessible: