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Methods for Captioning in YouTube

How to add captions to YouTube video using auto-sync (Method 1)

You may have noticed that YouTube creates captions for you. This feature is called auto-sync, and it provides a good start if you don't have a transcript file. But you will always have to correct auto-synched captions. This tutorial shows you how to correct the captions that YouTube creates automatically.

How to add captions to YouTube video when you have a transcript (Method 2)

  1. Create a transcript. The transcript should match the audio exactly. Save the file as a .txt file without any formatting. The text file should include not only spoken words but also any other sounds, like “background music” or “doorbell.”
  2. Go to YouTube: Click on 'My Channel' on the left side of the screen and choose the video to which you’d like to add captions. Screenshot of 'My Channel'
  3. Click on the CC button below the video frame as seen in this screenshot:
    Screenshot of Closed Caption Button
  4. Then you can add your transcript. Click 'Add New Subtitles or CC' (big blue button). Select your language. Then, click Upload a file. Screenshot of adding transcript
  5. Browse for the transcript file (.txt file) on your computer and upload it. Click Set timings. YouTube will automatically sync the words in your transcript to the timings of the audio of the video. When YouTube is finished, review the captions to make sure the words synced properly with the audio track. Now, click the Publish button then the Done button.

Screenshot of publishing

How to create a transcript in YouTube (Method 3)

If you don’t have a transcript, you can type one in the interface below.

  1. Start with steps 2-4 above to get to the interface. Click the Transcribe and auto-sync button.
     Screenshot of the auto-sync button
  2. Transcribe directly into the box that says “Here I can type...” Then click the Set timings button.Screenshot of the 'here i can type' dialogue box
  3. Again, give it a listen to verify the timing is accurate. Click the blue Edit button to edit both the text and the timings on the screen below. When you’re done with your edits, press the Publish button at the bottom of the screen to make the captions publicly available.
    screenshot of the published captions

You do not need to caption audio or video where the two don't need to be synchronous to make sense, (e.g., person at a podium delivering a speech). In that case, you can just provide a transcript.