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Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning

The Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning is more than a new building. It is a movement.

Loyola University Maryland is actively engaged in a movement focused innovation, entrepreneurship, and design thinking. It’s a movement that is currently capturing attention because the most valued organizations in the world recognize the need to approach problems differently. This approach to learning has long been part of the conversation, the culture, and the experience of our Jesuit liberal arts university in Baltimore.

The Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning will strengthen the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit at Loyola. That spirit is a familiar one to anyone who appreciates Loyola and the Jesuits who have approached problems differently ever since their founding 500 years ago. This Center will embolden that spirit, enhance it, and establish a dynamic, state-of-the-art space where Loyola can advance its outcomes and reputation as a place for innovation.

Why Loyola is taking this bold step forward—and why now

  1. Loyola must continue to enhance learning spaces on campus to recruit bright, talented students. The Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning will offer spaces that eclipse the traditional lecture hall to create a transformative environment where students can participate in a rich educational experience with faculty and one another.
  2. The modern, dynamic, active learning spaces of the building are designed to enhance collaborative learning. As Loyola affirms its commitment to the liberal arts and to active and engaged learning, faculty and students will enjoy an interdisciplinary hub, which will feature open, transparent space that invite members of the community to engage in active and exciting exchanges of ideas.
  3. Loyola’s career services are a distinctive and essential part of our student experience. The Career Center will move into a central, inventive space where students and alumni can interact and share their knowledge and experience. This new venue will offer an enhanced space for networking opportunities and a more vibrant home for the exceptional services provided through career services.
  4. Innovation at Loyola is deeply connected to the University’s Jesuit mission and core values, inspiring students to find solutions that help improve the world today and tomorrow. The addition of this Center makes it possible for students and faculty to interact together in a space where innovation and collaborative learning come to life in a way that extends and enhances the Jesuit liberal arts education students have benefited from for generations—and will for generations more to come.
  5. This is an investment for Loyola’s future. The Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning will have a positive impact on faculty, students, and the Baltimore community, building on the important work Loyola has already begun to ensure that students graduate infinitely adaptable and immediately employable. This forward-looking, contemporary initiative strengthens the Loyola education students receives and increases the value of a Loyola degree.

Inside the Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning

The building is designed to be unlike any other on campus. The allocation of space prioritizes active learning spaces that can be reconfigured for different teaching styles. Demand for an expanded Career Center will be met with an “Apple Store-like” experience that can be adapted for various types of programming. And new departmental workspaces will invite interdisciplinary collaboration.

The layout intentionally connects the Idea Lab, the Career Center, and the Commons to more fully engage the community in the dissemination of ideas and knowledge. As a result, the building will become the academic hub for the campus community, offering collaborative learning space as well as a place to promote and advance Loyola’s thriving culture of innovation.

  • Active Learning Classrooms: Students learn by doing rather than simply listening. These new classrooms will unleash an active learning spirit that is growing each day.
  • Idea Lab: This space will be designed around unique needs of experiential learning, venture development, and engagement with the local business community.
  • The Career Center: The new and improved Career Center will be centrally positioned to frequently engage students during their time at Loyola and to connect with alumni for continued and sustained career success.
  • Café: A full-service café shop will add to the synergy of the building, drawing students, faculty, and other members of the Loyola community to the Center to participate in the active learning and conversation.
  • Commons: A flexible common space will be used in a variety of ways for the Loyola community, supporting both the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and the culture of engagement that is critical to the achievement of Loyola’s strategic plan.
  • Innovative Faculty Space: Faculty will have functional, shared workspaces designed to facilitate collaborative interdisciplinary work among colleagues.
Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning