Loyola University Maryland


Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Loyola University Maryland is committed to building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that will lead Baltimore area efforts towards cross-collaboration, marketable business practices, and practical benefits to society through the creation of goods, services, and ideas with commercial value in underserved neighborhoods.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship enhances this ecosystem at Loyola. It supports internal constituents and provides faculty expertise and resources to local Baltimore community members from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to start, scale, and grow their own businesses. 

The Center – under the leadership of an executive director and entrepreneur-in-residence – is comprised of internal and external components working in synergy to produce innovations that have positive social and economic impacts on the University and the neighborhoods it seeks to stimulate. The four components are: 

  • The Baltipreneurs Institute: organizes and systematizes knowledge and networks for underserved entrepreneurs in Baltimore.
  • The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Think and Act Spot: is an ideation lab that encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary projects among students and faculty.
  • The Loyola Entrepreneurship Programis designed for students in all of Loyola's academic disciplines who want to start their own business as well as those who intend to work in innovative organizations. 
  • The Loyola Innovation Accelerator: invests in creative ideas and business practices proposed by the Loyola community.