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Emergency Relief Fund

Support Members of the Loyola Community in Need

During this time of uncertainty, we know many in our community are facing difficulties as a result of COVID-19.

Loyola University Maryland is keeping a close eye on the members of our community who are the most vulnerable—physically, emotionally, and economically. We are working to mitigate the financial impact these sudden circumstances have had on our students and their families resulting from the COVID-19 virus

Many have asked how they can help members of the Loyola community most in need. Loyola is seeing an enormous increase in requests from families for increased financial aid. Many of our families are suffering tremendous losses during this pandemic, putting in jeopardy their ability to fund a college education. Your gift to the Emergency Relief Fund will provide the critical need-based financial aid for students and their families who are most in need of assistance.

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Loyola took bold and necessary steps to protect our campus community at the onset of the pandemic. The University provided immediate individual help to those who experienced hardship due to COVID-19. Those efforts, made possible in part by the Emergency Relief Fund, included:

  • Travel costs for students in need to and helping students return from abroad
  • Providing housing and meals for students without a safe home to return to
  • COVID-19 pay options for employees who need to take sick leave
  • Paying student workers who need their wages away from campus
  • Supplying emergency equipment and technology and supporting online instruction
  • Raising additional need-based financial aid

This is at the heart of who we are as a Jesuit Catholic university. We will continue to do all we can as a university to address these difficulties. We recognize the very real challenges Loyola is facing today to provide institutional resources for financial aid. The Emergency Relief Fund continues to provide this need-based aid to students working to complete and earn their degrees.

Make A Gift

We are hopeful that the Loyola family will continue to unite in support of our community’s greatest need. Please consider making a gift—of any size—to help our students and families.

Emergency Relief Fund

Contributions to the Emergency Relief Fund will provide critical need-based financial aid for students and their families affected by the pandemic. A gift of any size could make the difference to those who want to stay at Loyola but may not be able to do so due to changed financial circumstances. 

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Evergreen Annual Fund

Loyola’s enduring financial need is funding academic scholarships and need-based grants for deserving students. All contributions to the Evergreen Annual Fund help strengthen the university’s financial position to meet that challenge head on now and for the future.

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