Loyola University Maryland


Endowed Scholarships

Scholarships are critical to ensure that Loyola can continue to attract talented, deserving students from across the country. The assistance that scholarships can provide is often the deciding factor between a student attending Loyola or choosing another institution. These students, like so many before them, would be transformed by a Loyola’s Jesuit education to not only know the good, but also to become members of our society who want to do the good. 

The cost of a Loyola education, while comparable to our peer institutions, is a significant financial commitment for families. Annual tuition, room, and board only cover 70 percent of the actual cost to educate each student. Like most universities, Loyola recognizes that significant increases in tuition cost are no longer an option.

Our donors engage with the students their scholarships support. Each spring we bring together scholarship recipients and the donors who made it possible for students to attend Loyola. Those alumni and other friends of Loyola who support scholarships are invited to an annual scholarship dinner where they are thanked for their philanthropy and have the opportunity to meet the students benefiting from their generosity.