Loyola University Maryland


Sellinger Experiential Learning Laboratory

Sellinger building, students in the SELL, and data on monitor

The Sellinger Experiential Learning Laboratory (SELL) is an innovative trading room managed by a team of focused faculty providing practical training to Sellinger students learning portfolio management. Using hardware, software, and data available in the SELL, students research and execute value-based decisions. Under faculty direction, students engage in meaningful research relevant to local, national, and global businesses and communities. The SELL is also utilized by students for entrepreneurial and service-based learning.

Incorporating the latest trading and investment technologies, the SELL ensures that faculty members have the best available tools for developing students’ practical knowledge of financial markets. Access to current data from diverse markets adds a real-world dimension and immediacy to concepts delivered in the classroom, reinforcing student learning and understanding. With faculty guidance and input from an advisory board of finance industry executives, select students also use the SELL’s resources to manage a portion of the University’s endowment portfolio. Students also have an opportunity to gain certification in platforms used by the majority of financial institutions.  

Inside the SELL

Facilities such as the SELL allow the Sellinger School to offer its students a superior business education with curricular and co-curricular programs infused with innovative entrepreneurial thinking. Practical knowledge and awareness of financial markets drives the SELL, incorporating the latest investment technologies for an authentic trading experience. Access to real-time industry data ensures that talented undergraduate and graduate students choose a Loyola University Maryland education and the Sellinger School's programs remain among the nation's top-ranked for business disciplines and outcomes. 

  • Bloomberg Terminals provide students with the most powerful platform for analyzing current financial market data and placing trades. 
  • A multi-screen video display is the focal point of one of the country’s largest academic trading rooms, providing breaking news and real-time market updates.  
  • Students earn certification as users of Bloomberg, Morningstar, and S&P Capital IQ platforms. 
  • The Sellinger Applied Portfolio (SAP) Class is designed to allow Loyola’s finance students to gain practical experience in portfolio management, including asset valuation, constraint setting, asset allocation, asset selection, risk management, and performance evaluation. It authorizes students to manage funds that are a component of the University’s endowment.

See how Sellinger students utilize the SELL as an essential part of their finance education. 

Funding Priorities 

Loyola University Maryland aims to remain at the forefront of technological offerings and collaborative learning environments that students, faculty, and organizations expect. By investing further in the SELL, Loyola will be able to expand access to information, curriculum, and interdisciplinary programs, ensuring the University continues to produce the outstanding graduates that employers recognize.

  1. Annual subscriptions to financial and other corporate data, as well as necessary upgrades to hardware and software.
  2. Trading room enhancements, including a scrolling ticker, glass projection monitors, layout reconfiguration, and upgrades to the video display.
  3. An academic director to develop innovative curriculum specifically for the finance lab.