Loyola University Maryland

ALANA Services

In-Person Guidelines

The questions below are to serve as in-person guidelines in regards to ALANA programming, work-study, and use of the Center for Intercultural Engagement (CIE) with the coming return to campus. Please note that these guidelines will be updated frequently as new information is received from the university.

Will students be able to utilize the Center for Intercultural Engagement (CIE)?

The CIE will be accessible to students but at limited capacity. Capacity should not exceed 21 people at a time in the space. Please wear your mask at all times while in the CIE & third floor Common Space and maintain proper social distance with others. If you choose to eat in the space, we are encouraging you to do so in a safe and quick manner as possible. Please do not rearrange any of the furniture in the CIE or in the third floor Common Space, it is arranged to follow university safety protocols.

Will student organizations be able to hold general body meetings?

Student organizations can continue to hold their meetings but will need to be mindful of COVID social distancing guidelines. Space on campus for programming will be limited, including the CIE, 3rd floor common area, and conference rooms. Clubs and organizations need to be advised by the ALANA staff regarding guidelines and space capacity information and should connect with their GA liaison in their planning process.

Will attendance at in person programs and events be restricted?

Due to COVID social distancing guidelines, in person attendance will be restricted. There will be hybrid options for programs and events so students can still have an engaging experience. While some smaller attended programs may be permitted, large-scale events will take place virtually.

Will outside entertainment and food/catering be permissible?

Entertainment (i.e. speakers, performing artists, etc.) will be allowed for ALANA sponsored events. These programs and events (particularly large-scale events) will be virtual to adhere to social distancing and the safety of the campus community. Outside food will not be permitted; any group hosting an in-person program that provides food service should consult with ALANA Services.

Will work study jobs be available in ALANA Services?

Students who are work study eligible and interested in working in ALANA should email us at alana@loyola.edu. Should positions be available, eligible students may be contacted.

Who can I contact if I have questions or need more information about compliance with COVID safety guidelines?

Students can direct questions to Ms. Raven, Director of ALANA Services at 410-617-2310 or alana@loyola.edu.