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Native American Heritage Month

Here at Loyola, November is when we celebrate Native American Heritage Month. It’s important to recognize this cultural heritage because it has been often undermined by other celebrations. In this country, we celebrate the accidental “discovery” of the Americas, but often fail to address those indigenous people that inhabited this land prior to colonization. All throughout history, there have been laws passed that infringe upon the rights of Native Americans. It is essential to become more educated about the frequently overlooked history of Native Americans in this nation, and what can be done to catalyze liberation. Words from the Native American Student Association (NASA): Native American Heritage Month is not enough to celebrate the accomplishments, the future blessings to come of us as well as the remembrance of the battles that took place, to the unknown names of the lives/tribes and nations that history has neglected to this day. However, we take this month with pride, strength, and grace to reflect on never being forgotten. We take this month as a symbol for the world to know that today, we still stand, today we are still here and even though colonizers still try to get rid of us, it will never work. Why? Because our tribes and nations are still standing even those lost. Tribes/Nations and crops were stolen from us all while an on-going genocide. We were removed from our land, got foreign diseases, all while being tormented. Our PowWows were deemed as “banned”, even though it was our celebration of ancestors and tribes/nations from our clothes, hair, shoes, and songs with instruments. Our heads were shaven as a token. Our women and children still go missing, face violence and several are mercilessly killed. All this dehumanization but that has never stopped us from announcing our presence. All for embracing our culture. All this erasure and cleansing will never stop us. We still strive today through our businesses, Our Pow-Wows, Our Music, Our Food, Our Festivals, Our Art, Our Families, Our Names, Our Traditions, Our Stories, and more. That is why Native American Heritage Month is not just November to us. We embrace our heritage and culture in our lives every day; while informing those who would like to learn the truth behind the scenes of written history.

NAMH Flyer 2020

Virtual Tour: The National Museum of the American Indian

Thursday, November 19th from 2pm-3:30pm Eastern Time

Zoom Meeting ID: 985 329 7424

Join the Native American Student Association as we tour the National Museum of the American Indian! Learn about history and myths as well as Indigenous business to support!