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St. Alphonsus Dinner Program

Three photos of groups of students smilling at Alphonsus Dinner

The St. Alphonsus Dinner Program is a ministry of hospitality available to all members of the Loyola community. Our program provides a home-cooked meal, guided conversation, and quality time spent with fellow students. The dinners typically accommodate 8-10 students, and will be on Monday nights during the 2017-2018 school year. The program is a great fit for Messina classes,  and groups of residents. We encourage Evergreens and RAs to bring a group of their first-year students for a valuable and enjoyable evening!

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez House, at 304 Rossiter Avenue behind the tennis courts, is named for a 16th century Jesuit brother with a gift for hospitality. The house offers the Loyola community a warm and inviting space to gather for meetings, study sessions, prayer groups, dinners, cookouts, and more. With the exception of Monday evenings, St. Alphonsus’ House is available Monday - Friday, with advanced reservations for other events. The house is also available on select weekends, but we ask that you please inquire about availability before submitting a reservation request.

To reserve St. Alphonsus House for your event or group, please email campusministry@loyola.edu and provide the following information:

  • Request Date
  • Request Time
  • Group Name/Contact
  • Purpose of Reservation