Loyola University Maryland

Campus Ministry

Belief Hero Series

Who is your hero? What do they believe in? What values inform their actions?

Join us in meeting people across Loyola's campus whose beliefs and values give us insight into their lived experience.


“We live at a time when people of diverse faith backgrounds and traditions are interacting with greater frequency than ever before. We hear the stories of people who seek to make faith a barrier of division or a bomb of destruction all too often. Instead, we view religious and philosophical traditions as bridges of cooperation...”  - The Framework | https://www.ifyc.org/about

Belief Heroes, recognizes individuals on Loyola’s campus who live out their beliefs in their daily life. Through a series of questions, we invite our heroes to share about their faith tradition, practice or values.  These reflections offer meaningful insight across difference and foster appreciative knowledge of diverse beliefs. Each hero is invited to introduce us to someone whose beliefs inspire them.  Thus, we meet our next hero!


Shahirah Khan, Class of 2019