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It is helpful to understand the supportive network of individuals who serve as sources of encouragement and motivation for our applicants. Please provide information as appropriate.

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Skills and Experience

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Essay Questions

Each essay should be no more then 300 words. Upload your file in Word 2003 format or Rich Text format and save your files as yourfullname.doc.

  1. How has your personal history led you to apply to this program? What is your motivation to apply for a program like this?
  2. We grow from all of our experiences. Please explain how you imagine you will grow from this experience. What would you like to learn from this experience?
  3. Please talk about your own spiritual journey and where you are at the present moment. Sharing and reflection about our daily experiences will be an important component at the end of our day’s activities. How comfortable are you expressing your beliefs and feelings?
  4. “Solidarity is not just about the unity of message or vision, it is about valuing our fellow human beings and respecting who they are as unique individuals. We are all one family in the world. Building a community that empowers everyone to attain their full potential through each of us respecting each other’s dignity, rights and responsibilities makes the world a better place to live. (“On Social Concern” 1987) What does the word “solidarity” mean to you?

Optional Resume

You can upload a copy of your resume. Please save your file as yourname-resume.doc.

Application Conditions

The Jamaican Experience 2017-2018 Expectations:

  1. I understand that weekly meetings will be held on Mondays 6:00-7:30pm. I also understand and agree that my attendance at ALL weekly meetings and events is mandatory. I understand that I am responsible for providing advance notice to one of the trip leaders if I have an emergency, and may be late or unable to attend a meeting or other event.
  2. I agree to pay a $225.00 program fee upon acceptance to JE’18. The JE program will accept cash or checks. Checks should be made payable to Loyola University Maryland (with Jamaican Experience on the memo line).
  3. I understand that fundraising, both as a group and as an individual, is required in order to cover the costs of the trip. This includes my participation in the individual and any group fundraising events/efforts.
  4. I understand that all funds raised for Jamaican Experience are non-refundable. In the unlikely scenario that I drop from – or am asked to leave JE’18, the funds that I have raised will be applied to the overall cost of the program or donated to the host organization (Diocese of Mandeville). I know that Loyola University MD cannot return donations to individuals or groups.
  5. Should I drop from the Jamaican Experience program after my airline ticket is purchased, I agree that I will cover the cost of that ticket. If my individual fundraising total is less than the ticket cost, I agree that I will reimburse the program for the difference.
  6. I agree to submit a photocopy of your Passport and completed Health and Liability forms by November 15, 2017. If I do not currently have a valid passport, I agree to complete applications asap in order to have received a valid Passport no later than November 15, 2017.
  7. I understand that my active participation is vital to the formation of the team. I will complete reading assignments, positively contribute to all team activities, and take presentations and reflection assignments seriously.
  8. While in Jamaica, I understand that I will not be permitted to leave the group at any time. I understand that I will not be permitted to visit with friends or relatives who may live in, or be visiting, Jamaica. I know that permission from a Team Leader must be given before a participant leaves the group for any reason. I understand that this is due to safety and group cohesiveness.
  9. I agree to voluntarily turn OFF my cell phone and refrain from the use of technology while in Jamaica at the direction of the leaders. I understand that this is to prevent technology from distracting me from the overall experience. I am aware that the group will have emergency phones that can be used in the event of an urgent situation.

I understand all of the responsibilities that are required of me in order to participate in the Jamaican Experience 2017-2018. I promise to adhere to all of the requirements and understand the possible consequences of failing to fulfill them

I have read, understand and agree to the details and requirements of the program(s) I have applied for:
I understand that one reference is required. The reference may not be a peer or fellow student.