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Personal Team Member Page - Brian Yang

Brian Yang Name: Brian J. Yang
Hometown: Palisades Park, New Jersey
Major: Biology major & Photography minor
Activities: Men’s Club Volleyball, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Student Leadership Corps, Multicultural Awareness Program, ALANA Mentoring Program, Asian Cultural Alliance

Being born and raise in a Christian household, service has always been a prevalent concept in my life. From the age of 12, I have always wanted to go abroad to evangelize and share the Gospel to those who did not know God. The reason why I chose to partake in the Jamaican Experience is because I strongly believe that a big part of life is doing God’s work. As a Christian and a child of God, I have a passion to share the love that I have been so fortunate to receive from Him. Through the Jamaican Experience, I hope to gain more knowledge and grow both mentally and spiritually through this program. I desire to have a better grasp of what God calls me to do but also to spread peace, love and justice to those in Jamaica.

As a member of the Jamaica Experience team of 2015 I ask that you join us in this amazing opportunity to help serve others. During this 7 day immersion program a group of students from the Loyola community are going to promote peace and justice while serving those who have been socially, economically, and/or politically disadvantaged. Whether the support is through prayer or donations, I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and heart as we set out to do God’s work. I cannot wait to see how God will use the team to help and serve the Jamaicans even in the slightest possible way.

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