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Personal Team Member Page - Nasarah McKinney

Nasarah McKinney Name: Nasarah McKinney
Hometown: Boston, MA
Major: Sociology major & Forensic Studies minor
Activities: Resident Assistant, Desk Assistant, Black Student Association, Caribbean Student Association, Ally for Spectrum, Women of Color Conference Committee Member, Ignation Leadership Institute, CCSJ

I am a first generation student; the fact that I am the first in my family to attend college is a big deal. I think a lot on a daily about the sacrifices my parents have made for me to be able to attend Loyola and I am in great debt to my parents. They both were born in the Dominican Republic and were forced to grow up fast in order to help their families excel financially. I think about a lot of places where people are unable to achieve schooling due to a of lack of resources. My motivation behind accepting my position on the team for this experience stems from the fact that both of my parents raised me to value my fortune although its not much. This experience will open my eyes to economic, political, and social marginalization that is happening today in Jamaica. In Jamaica I am hoping to give the people of Mandeville, Jamaica things money can never buy: hugs, smiles and genuine love.

I wanted to put myself in this experience to realize and speak about things which I, as a privileged individual living in the United States, would have never outwardly spoken. I would like to be able to challenge myself with a situation in which I may not be completely comfortable. I want to be able to take from this experience not only the gratitude from the connections I will make with the people I will engage in Jamaica, but to learn more about myself as an individual. As Junior year progresses, I am at the cusp of trying to figure out what I stand for and, more especially, who I am. This trip is going to allow me to grow and come back ready to take on the end of my junior year at Loyola.

I invite you to share this experience with my team and I, as we embark in serving the community of Mandeville, Jamaica. Whether you can contribute financially or not we hope that you have us all in your prayers, so that we can have the best trip possible. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and hopes for the trip to Jamaica. Thank you.

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