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Wedding Checklist

Just a few things to keep in mind as you approach your wedding day:

  1. Be sure to obtain all required Archdiocesan paperwork if you are having a Catholic ceremony. This would be updated baptismal certificates, marriage preparation certificates, pre-nuptial investigation form, and any dispensations that may be required.
  2. Be sure to obtain your marriage license within six months of your wedding in Baltimore city. The marriage license office telephone number is 410-333-3780. One of the parties needs to appear and bring the social security numbers for both parties and one of the following forms of identification for both parties: driver's license, birth certificate, passport, certificate of baptism, or military ID. The license is to be picked up in person after 48 hours and must be picked up in 90 days or the license will expire.
  3. About three months prior to your wedding schedule a meeting with George Miller, director of liturgy and music, by phone at 410-617-2449 or by email at gmiller@loyola.edu, to review liturgy and music selections and to have your wedding programs approved.
  4. Send stipend checks of $200 each to the cantor and organist two months prior to the ceremony.
  5. Inform Kathleen Hanger, at 717-602-7528, of any changes in address or phone to ensure that you receive last minute paperwork promptly.
  6. Inform all parties associated with your wedding (florist, photographer, etc.) that they may arrive one hour before the start of your wedding to prepare for the event.
  7. Inform all bridal party members (readers, etc.) to the time and location of the wedding rehearsal.
  8. Bring with you to the rehearsal any items that you wish us to set-up prior to your wedding, any missing Archdiocesan paperwork, and all copies of your marriage license.
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