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Where can guests park for the rehearsal and wedding?

Rehearsal (Friday) parking information:

 Location Availability Cost Distance
Jenkins/Beatty Parking Lot Available  ~ $5 per car 1-3 min walk
Butler Hall Parking Lot Available after 4 PM Free  10-15 min walk
N. Charles Street & 
Cold Spring Lane
Unavailable from 4-6 PM.
Cars are towed during this time.
Free 3-10 min walk


Wedding Ceremony (Saturday) parking information:

 Location Availability Cost Distance
Jenkins/Beatty Parking Lot Typically Available * Free  1-3 min walk
N. Charles Street &
Cold Spring Lane
Available Free 3-10 min walk
Butler Hall Parking Lot Available Free

10-15 min walk 


Please convey all parking options to your guests.  If there is a special event on campus, the Jenkins/Beatty Lot may fill up.  

To be courteous to the next wedding party, we ask that your guests vacate their spaces within 30 minutes of the end of your ceremony. 

Limos and Shuttles:

If you have limos, shuttles, or charter buses, they may drop off your wedding party and guests in the Jenkins/Beatty lot.  However, please note that these vehicles are not allowed on the cobblestone/slate area in front of the Chapel.  Please contact Paolo Bisante at 410-617-5450 or pbisante@loyola.edu for additional parking information for these vehicles.

Handicapped Parking Information:

There are 7 handicapped spots: 5 behind Jenkins Hall and 2 behind Beatty Hall.  The 2 handicapped spots closest to the Chapel will not automatically be available.  If you have a guest with a disability or who is elderly and will need these spots, you must do the following:

 One month to two weeks prior to your wedding, send an email to Loyola advising us that you will need one or both of these spots.  The email should be addressed to tfox@loyola.edu and pbisante@loyola.edu with a copy to weddings@loyola.edu.  Please be sure to include your name, wedding date, and ceremony start time.  On your wedding date, these spots will be held by orange cones.  Someone in your party will need to move the cones out of the way for your guests.

Why no aisle runner?

We have encountered incidents in which guests have injured themselves on the aisle runners while exiting the pews during the ceremony. Some injuries have been serious enough to negatively affect the mood of the ceremony. Therefore, we do not allow the use of aisle runners for the safety of your guests and the harmony of your special day.

Can I have other musicians perform at our ceremony?

In the wedding liturgy, the bride and groom are ministers of the sacrament of marriage. Musicians are chosen because of the ministry they fill and the professional quality of their art. A cantor, or leader of song, is indispensable at wedding liturgies. The task of this person is to enable and motivate the song of the assembly. This is different from a soloist who usually performs for an assembly, although the roles are not mutually exclusive. Therefore the organist and cantor must be part of Loyola's Music Ministry team. Additional instruments and soloists are permitted to perform subject to the approval of the director of music and liturgy. Please see our additional information regarding your wedding music on the Music and Liturgy Preparation packet that is mailed to you in the original wedding mailing. This will be sent to you shortly after we receive your reservation form and check.

Is there a list of priests at Loyola that we can contact to preside at our wedding?

Unfortunately, we do not have a list of Jesuit priests who are on reserve or who regularly perform wedding ceremonies at Loyola. Couples have asked Jesuits who they have had as instructors to preside over their wedding, however, availability can never be guaranteed. Typically, couples contact a priest or minister from their own parish and ask them to preside over the wedding here. Once we receive the name and address of the priest or minister that you have selected (which must be included on your reservation form), we send them a welcome letter with information on the services we will provide them while they are at Loyola.