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Lenten Resources

Lent is a time when Catholics prepare for Easter, the coming and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time of repentance, fasting, preparation, and reflection. During these 40 days, Catholics are called to fast, pray, and give. Catholics usually fast and abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and on Fridays. In addition, they are called to increase their prayer life, and also give something up or do something extra during these 40 days to commemorate Jesus' suffering before his death. Not sure what to do for Lent? Here are some ideas. Give something up - like using non-recyclables, eating sweets, meat, or other foods, soda, alcohol, watching Netflix, using social media, or taking the elevator. Do something - like donating 40 things during the 40 days, writing a letter to someone every day, complimenting someone every day, adding more to your prayer life (like the Rosary), or listening only to Christian music.

Here are a few ways you can further engage in prayer and community during the Lenten season:


Campus Ministry of offering a Livestream Sunday Mass each Sunday at 6pm from Alumni Memorial Chapel.  

Lenten Prayer

Rosary Prayer on Zoom: Friday April 3rd at 5pm EST

Holy Thursday Prayer:Thursday, April 9th at 12pm EST on Zoom Link: https://loyola.zoom.us/j/6173727497

Stations of the Cross on Zoom: Friday, April 10 at 5pm

Online Lenten Resources

There are many online Lenten resources, so here are a few of our favorite Jesuit/Ignatian ones: