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A Weekly Ecumenical Bible Study devoted to conversations around Race, Identity, Peace and Justice

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Challenged by simultaneous pandemics (Covid-19 and Racial Upheaval), humanity has been forced to navigate unprecedented uncertainty and inconceivable change. As a result, many of us find ourselves “hard-pressed on every side” and “perplexed” by existential questions that seem unanswerable:

  • What does it all mean—what really matters?  
  • How can I effectively respond to my reasonable fears, anxieties and even anger that often consumes me?  
  • Where can I find nurturance in these moments of depletion?  
  • Why is God silent in the space of desolation?  

Wednesdays Weekly

Join Rev. Scott for weekly bible studies (Wednesdays at 11:45AM) to address these and many other questions, as we seek substantive insights for restoration, empowerment, justice and peace in the ancient, but still very relevant, wisdom deeply rooted in the Word of God! 

Click the link to join: Bible Study Zoom

Contact: Campus Ministry at campusministry@loyola.edu