Loyola University Maryland

The Rizzo Career Center

Learning Objectives

Career Fair

Events bringing employers to campus in an expo-like setting to share job and internship opportunities with students.

As a result of participating in a career fair, students will be able to:
• Demonstrate effective preparedness for the fair that includes research, proper attire and how to present themselves as strong candidates to employers;
• Discover a wide range of career paths available by job function, sector, employer and/or industry;
• Deliver a succinct statement to introduce themselves and effectively sell their professional brand;
• Connect with 2-3 employers to actively pursue employment opportunities discussed at the career fair.


Events that include opportunities for students, alumni, and professionals to meet and mingle in 1-1 and small group conversations.

As a result of participating in a networking event, students will be able to:
• Effectively express their knowledge, skills, and curiosity to a professional;
• Expand their professional network through in-person and on-line interactions;
• Utilize their connections to build a mutually beneficial professional relationship;
• Identify 2-3 items learned that demonstrate personal fit with different professional roles;
• Reflect on the value of making connections with specific individuals.

Career Trek

Opportunities for students to visit companies and learn about the people there, the work they do, the employment setting, and more.

As a result of participating in a career trek, students will be able to:
• Demonstrate effective preparation for the trek including research, proper attire, promptness, and managing conflicting commitments;
• Develop the ability to engage with professionals using appropriate words, tone, and body language;
• Articulate the interpersonal and technical competencies desired by the organization(s) they visit;
• Connect academic experiences with skills desired by employers;
• Evaluate their fit with organizational cultures, career paths,  and specific employment opportunities.

Alumni and Professional Panel Discussions

An opportunity for students to hear perspectives on career and professional success and interact through group question and answer sessions.

As a result of participating in a panel discussion, students will be able to:
Integrate career interests with real world experiences that are shared by panelists;
Compare their perception of a career interest vs the realities shared by panelists (e.g.,  potential schedules, relevant experience, and compensation);
Analyze both the pros and cons of a potential industry;
Connect with potential resources and/or mentors who participated in the panel.

Career Accelerator

A 3.5 day pre-fall program involving career exploration, career treks, and a day of service in the Baltimore community.

As a result of participating in Career Accelerator, students will be able to:
• Identify their interests, values, and strengths;
• Articulate at a basic level what the career exploration process involves;
• Demonstrate the roles that their own self-attributes play in their career exploration; 
• Construct a basic resume and a plan for next steps;
• Cultivate a peer network of other students in similar career phases;
• Recognize value of serving others as a foundational career theme.

Discover Everywhere

Flash sessions (60 minutes or less) held in various locations on campus that engage students with Career Exploration activities.

As a result of attending a Discover Everywhere session, students will be able to:
• Reflect on their current career development phase;
• Articulate the importance of understanding values, interests, and talents in their career process;
Identify a goal for the next step in their career development process.

Jayne Jazwiecki

Jayne Jazwiecki

This 2009 grad works in human resources with Under Armour and credits her liberal arts education for preparing her for success in her career