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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

The Rev. John P. O'Connor, S.J. Community Service Award

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Each year at Loyola’s commencement ceremony, the Rev. John P. O’Connor, S.J. Community Service Award is given to a graduating senior who has displayed outstanding participation in service to the Baltimore community and who has significantly connected her or his interest in service and justice with the Loyola community.

The award is named after Rev. John P. O’Connor, S.J., a member of the Campus Ministry staff and a faculty member of the Classics Department at Loyola from 1982 until his death in 1988. He was known as “gentle and loving member of the College community” (Loyola Magazine, March 1988). The senior is selected by the Center for Community Service and Justice based on nominations submitted by members of the Loyola community. We invite you to consider the outstanding students with whom you have worked and to nominate one of them for this prestigious award.

Award Criteria

  • A personal commitment to and deep involvement in community service throughout their tenure at Loyola University
  • Significant leadership role in creating awareness in the Loyola community about issues of community service and social justice, resulting in a broad impact across campus
  • Senior status
  • Good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5

Previous Winners

2015 - Lindsey Rennie
2014 - Jennifer Ruckel
2013 - Katherine Clair, Kyle Jones
2012 - Allie Whitefleet
2011 - Bianca Vazquez, Ariell Watson
2010 - Erin Bowman
2009 - Justin White
2008 - Ashley Biggs
2007 - Megan Dunning, Mary Beth Neckles
2006 - Joel Bumol
2005 - Ginger Colamussi, Kathryn League

2004 - Danielle Miller
2003 - Michael D’Imperio, Autumn Martin
2002 - Katelyn Salvato
2001 - Melissa Chalmers, Abigail Malcolm
2000 - Shawn Daley
1999 - Shannon Curran
1998 - Dennis McCunney, Elizabeth Smith
1997 - Teresa LaSpina
1996 - Krissa Cotter
1995 - Robert Greene & Eileen Simonson
1994 - Robert Kelly, Mollie Mahanna, Matthew McClure
1993 - Christopher Longmore, Elizabeth Traylor
1992 - Kelly Biborosch, John Hartman
1991 - Jean Plummer
1990 - Thomas McGuire, Jennifer Pigza
1989 - Bridget Byrnes, Patrick Gallagher

Nomination Form

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Please refer to the nomination criteria above and state briefly why this senior should be considered for this award.

Nomination deadline:  Tuesday, April 5, 2016