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SBO Student Leadership Opportunities

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You will not find another student leadership position on campus quite like this one. You will be responsible to lead a group of your peers out into a host community for a service experience that will challenge them to learn lessons about giving through service and working for justice.

The Site Leader role is extremely challenging and demanding, but with the challenges come opportunities for significant personal and professional growth. You will develop skills in communication, administration, group facilitation and education. You will expand your vision and your parameters. You will be challenged emotionally, physically and spiritually, and have the exhilarating experience of finding new resources within yourself to respond and succeed.

Site Leaders are one of the most important determinants of SBO’s success; the Site Leaders directly influence the outcomes and experiences of SBO participants, and are responsible—with the support of CCSJ staff and the Site Leader team—for all preparations for and implementation of the service week. By serving as a Site Leader you have the opportunity to help your peers expand their understanding of the world and their place in it. You will fill the roles of educator, administrator, counselor, and mentor as they explore new realms of service and come to new understandings about justice. There can be no more fulfilling task than that.

Christina Harrison
Associate Director of Immersion Programs and Education

Program Goals

  • To raise participants’ awareness of issues facing people in U.S. communities that are marginalized or struggle against injustice, and to understand the link between direct service and social change efforts
  • To create an immersion experience which allows participants to experience and explore the local culture, assets, challenges, spiritual traditions and daily life of people in their host communities, while sharing themselves with members of the host community
  • To provide a forum for participants to explore the root causes of social justice issues
  • To explore opportunities for participants to incorporate the knowledge gained through participation in Spring Break Outreach into their daily lives at Loyola


The requirements for SBO Site Leader applicants are:

  • Participation in a CCSJ immersion program (SOS, UNITE, Spring Break Outreach, Project Mexico, Encounter El Salvador)
  • Demonstrated interest in community service and social justice
  • Curiosity, creativity, good interpersonal skills and demonstrated sense of responsibility
  • Desire to lead other students in educational and service experiences designed to facilitate learning about those issues
  • A minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 and good academic standing

Please note: Special consideration will be given to those who have already participated in SBO.

Our goal is to select a diverse group of Site Leaders who represent a wide range of experiences, skills and backgrounds, and who will capably build SBO into a more effective program.

Responsibilities of Site Leaders

Site Leaders will facilitate all pre-trip, trip and post-trip SBO experiences in order to educate and challenge participants about community service, injustice and efforts for social change.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment, selection and preparation of SBO participants
  • Participation in Site Leader training sessions
  • Planning and leading site group meetings in a way that educates, develops awareness and sensitivity and prepares participants for the immersion experience
  • Maintaining communication between CCSJ and the host community
  • Collaboration with a Staff Participant, the host site contact and possibly a Co-Site Leader to develop and manage all logistics for a trip to one of the SBO sites
  • Ensure adequate preparation and reflection opportunities for group members prior to, during and after the trip
  • Contribute to continued development of the SBO program development through innovation and evaluation

Site Leaders will be prepared for their duties through regular training meetings with the Associate Director of Immersion Programs and Education in the Center for Community Service and Justice in the months prior to the trip. Together with the other Site Leaders—in a supportive, team environment—you will learn about your responsibilities and how to carry them out.

Time Commitment

The SBO Site Leader position is essentially a full academic year commitment.

Leaders should expect to work an average of 3 to 5 hours per week throughout the academic year, beginning in the fall semester and continuing through early April. The workload will hit a peak in the weeks just before Spring Break.

The following is a list of some of the identifiable time commitments:


  • Attend Site Leader Orientation
  • Attend and actively participate in Site Leader training meetings (5-8 meetings)
  • Recruit participants
  • Plan and facilitate the Participant Orientation
  • Contact host site representatives and begin to gather information about the site
  • Plan and conduct the initial Site Group meeting
  • Educate yourself about your host community


  • Plan and run 4-5 Site Group meetings before the trip, and at least two after the trip
  • Attend and actively participate in weekly Site Leader training meetings
  • Attend fundraising activities and Pre-departure and Re-entry meetings
  • Conduct Program Evaluation
  • Follow-up with group members
  • Help select next year’s Site Leaders

Site Selection

Each of the sites offers a unique experience due to differences in community issues, community demographics and setting. Think carefully about the type of site that intrigues you the most, which will best facilitate your learning, and in which setting you will be the most effective leader. On the application you will have the opportunity to indicate your top three site choices as well as any site that you would not be interested in.


The SBO Participant Fee is waived for Site Leaders. Your cost is just your time, energy and creativity


Access the PDF application.