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Immersion Experiences

CCSJ immersion programs provide Loyola community members an opportunity to spend academic breaks (winter, spring, summer) immersed in a community (locally, domestically, and abroad). These experiences allow students to learn more about a community, immerse themselves in a culture, and learn about social issues facing a community. Students engage in dialogue and reflection about justice and what it means to be an Iganatian Citizen.  

Immersion programs typically include:

  • In-depth preparation, education, and team bonding prior to the immersion
  • Direct service with a community-based organization and/or community-based learning experiences during the immersion experience
  • Daily reflection activities and group dialogue during the immersion experience
  • Opportunities for related advocacy and education on campus

Each immersion program has its own different participant fee to cover transportation, food, housing, educational activities, and incidental expenses. Applications to participate in immersion programs are available at the beginning of the fall semester and due the first week of October. 

Baltimore And National Immersions International Immersion