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Service-Learning Stories

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Service-learning courses and partnerships can have remarkable results and provide opportunities for growth and transformation for everyone involved in the experiences.  Below, learn about some collaborations in service-learning experiences and hear the students, faculty members and community partners share their thoughts about what service-learning has meant to them.

Service-Learning Spotlights

Africa: Past and Present (HS 373D)

Dr. Elizabeth Schimdt teaches many service-learning classes that include: Africa: Past and Present, Women and Social Change in Modern Africa, & Conquest and Colonization in Africa. She was featured in Loyola Magazine discussing service-learning in her classes. The following links are of Dr. Elizabeth Schmidt's  interview about her service-learning courses and the Refugree Youth Project in the current issue of Loyola Magazine along with her students' reflections about service-learning. 

Introduction to Rhetoric (WR 220)

Dr. Allen Brizee is featured in The Dean's Updates for his service-learning class, Introduction to Rhetoric. His students worked closely with the small York Road community of Richnor Springs to bring awarness to the community. Students contributed to their LiveBaltimore information, the neighborhood association meeting flier, and now in WR325, created a new website for Richnor Springs to create awareness for the community. To read more about Dr. Allen Brizee's Service-Learning class, the full article can be found at the following link: http://www.loyola.edu/newsletter/loyola-college/october2011/servicelearning.html.

The Novel in America (EN 367)

In Fall 2009, Dr. Jean Lee Cole and her upper-level English students in the service-learning course, The Novel in America, created an exhibit called "The City That Reads: Novels in Baltimore."  The exhibit featured projects undertaken by members of the class-- four groups of service-learning students, several groups engaged in archival research, and several who researched novel-reading on campus. It was displayed at the Loyola Notre Dame Library and exists online at www.drivehq.com/web/novels.

Faculty and Community Partner Testimony

"Not only did I enjoy working with the kids, but I was able to gain a better understanding of course concepts through my time with the Refugee Youth Project. Through the kids’ interactions with each other and the volunteers, one could learn a great deal about hierarchy of authority, race relations, gender relations and family structure."

Ali Williams, in HS 389, "Women and Social Change in Modern Africa"

"The opportunity to work with St. Mary’s students through my basic photography class has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had while teaching at Loyola. Every week my students teach the St. Mary’s students the skills they recently acquired in my class. The friendship and joy that is created through this shared education is an experience that will last a lifetime."

Dan Schlapbach, Department of Fine Arts

"Service to others gives us an understanding of the world; through learning we are inspired to do more. The combination of both can make us powerful agents of change in our own lives and the lives of others. Challenge yourself and others to be partners in the process."

Laura Spada, Executive Director, St. Ambrose Center

"I find that service-learning helped emphasize the Jesuit ideal of developing a whole person. The concept of utilizing class material in order to better ourselves and the community truly exemplifies Loyola’s overall goal of developing students who are ‘inspired to lead, lead and serve in a diverse and changing world’."

Stephanie Holden, in SP203, "Introduction to Communication Disorders"

"As a result of students’ service-learning experience in my developmental psychology courses, they critically think about prejudice, discrimination and injustice more deeply. In confronting these social problems through personal relationships formed with community members, students’ strengthen their commitment to combating these social injustices."

Dr. Carolyn Barry, Department of Psychology

"They come with an attitude that says ‘I want to learn and I want to help.’ But it’s deep in them and I see it in them in ways that I don’t see it in other students. There’s some magic that happens at Loyola that prepares them for the work that they do."

Pat McLaughlin, S.S.N.D., Executive Director, Caroline Center

"Many of my students claim that their service-learning experiences were among the most rewarding of their college years—or even their lives! Others claim that the experiences were life-changing, altering perspectives and career goals."

Dr. Elizabeth Schmidt, Department of History
2007 Recipient, Nachbar Award

"The students were a tremendous source of support in our outreach to immigrant students and families. Their work preparing written materials (including letters to editor, testimony, etc.) helped us to accomplish our mission."

Liz Alex, CASA of Maryland

Student Testimony

"As a student, a daughter, a sister and a strong individual, I feel that by providing my time, nurturing, experience and knowledge to the children of Archbishop Borders School has allowed me to delve into a whole new part of myself. I have learned about my own values, other people’s values, customs, languages and it is through Italian 104 that I was granted all of these amazing benefits."

Student in IT104, Intermediate Italian II

"With Sareyi, it took me about three weeks to gain his trust and friendship. This bond finally was apparent at the last session because I was greeted by Sareyi, who was smiling and running toward me as soon as I walked through the door."

Student in HS389D, Women and Social Change in Modern Africa

"By going to ABBS every week, I saw what a tool and weapon language can be. I began to study Italian even more after the service had been ongoing for a few weeks. I wanted to have that tool that the children had; hearing them speaking two languages, I want to be able to do the same. So I began concentrating more on the oral labs. I have learned more than what is required of me in the syllabus. The children have taught me much more than I could have ever expected."

Student in IT104, Intermediate Italian II

"Working with these children, I was able to pick out the cultural differences and the culture shocks that the children were experiencing. Taking this history class, it helped me make the connection with what I learned in class and apply them out of class."

Student in HS389D, Women and Social Change in Modern Africa

"Service-learning has raised my level of academic integrity because I have learned to be emotionally attached to my schoolwork."

Student in IT104, Intermediate Italian II

"My service at Archbishop Borders School tied in very well with the rest of my Italian 104 class. Particularly because of our discussions that we had in class, I was able to take more away from my service experience. The experience is something that will be with me for the rest of my life."

Student in IT104, Intermediate Italian II